Friday, May 11, 2007

JJ Racist Remarks: I Agree With You, BRT

Just like I said earlier, I couldn't agree more with the sentiment of a Malaysiakini reader, who wouldn't give a f*ck entertaining the racist (and other -ist suffixes) ministers of a racist party (and coalition) of Malaysia:

Why bother attending these functions?
May 10, 07 2:29pm

I refer to the recent controversy of racist slurs passed by Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations Jamaludin Jarjis against an ethnic minority student at an "official" Malaysian function.

I am not quite sure I understand what the fuss is all about.

Such behaviour is to be expected of individuals from a political party prone to waving traditional blades around like insane lunatics. To expect anything more from such individuals is grossly unfair to their privileged status.

What amazes me most is that there are Malaysian students in foreign lands who actually waste several hours of their day attending a function graced by politicians from the homeland.

My advice to Malaysian students abroad is to simply toss such invitations into the thrash can and spend those few hours in your campus library enlightening yourselves; even if it simply means sitting down and reading a novel.

That is probably the best act of ‘national service’ that you can do to protect your precious minds from the poisonous ramblings of intellectually bankrupt misfits within the Malaysian government.

BRT, why bother to attend? Siapa tak mau makan free? Who doesn't want a freelunch till 2020? Or even till 2057! Or even beyond that! Plus they serve quite authentic Malaysian food.

To know more about the next 'poisonous ramblings of intellectually bankrupt misfits within the Malaysian government' in the UK and Ireland, check out here. There'll be one by Chua Soi Lek at 1500 (BST time) today. Mau makan free? Go there lar! Just leave your brains at home. ;)

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