Sunday, May 27, 2007

KL LCCT: Now Everyone Can...

Back from Cambodia. Knackered and kid sounds of 'Sir! Sir! Buy postcards Sir!' still playing in my mind.

Being the first time at the KL LCCT, here's an outdated and overdued review of it, best summarised by a series of pictures.

KL LCCT: Now Everyone Can... from Subang.

Which was great. So convenient for me after the BUM2007 Gathering. But wouldn't it be better if the LCCT is in Subang itself, rather than in Sepang?

...paste on whiteboard.

e-Government of white-board Goverment?

...paste on announcement screens.

Not to Surabaya? Nevermind. Just print and paste on it.

...can die?

No emergency room or infirmary facilities at the airport.

But there's an ambulance of a nearby clinic waiting outside the terminal.

...can eat. With a not-so-low-cost price in a so-called low cost terminal.

Nasi lemak kosong = RM6. Don't like local food? Try McD's or Coffee Bean (which doesn't quite offer 'food' and is much more expensive). It seems that they are building a larger foodcourt besides the main terminal building though.

Alrite, this is not quite related to the LCCT as the airline and the airport are operated differently, but what is the sole airline company using the terminal and for whom the terminal was built?

...can delay. Up to 3 h and 35 min.

Bangkok, Taipei, HCM all alrite. Except to Malaysia. By Malaysian airlines.

The Great Malaysian Time. Pay more = delay less. Pay less = delay more. That's the principle.

They tried to bribe us and shut the mouth of bloggers like me comfort the passenger by giving this complimentary 'Snack Attack' box.

5 packets of (not-so-tasty-el-cheapo) biscuits and a cup of water can compensate for lost time?

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