Thursday, May 10, 2007

Malaysia MSM 101: If It's For Your Political Masters' Glory, You Let The GEIC Be The 'Journalist'

Normally high-ranking Malaysia MSM GEICs Latuks will just sit at the top, shake legs and spins a few lies (especially during buy-elections or the more recent general election). But when time comes, you'll have to take charge and be a...erhmm...journalist.


And here's the embarrassment or buat malu part for Opposition:

Lim said similar requirements were set out by Ambank Bhd, claiming there had been tacit discrimination by other banks in refusing to parcel out work to those without the 50% bumiputra equity requirement.

However, a statement from the AmBank Group said no restrictions or quota of shares were imposed.

“The group does appoint legal firms that do not have bumiputra partners. This policy has been in place for more than two decades,” it said.

However, to encourage bumiputra participation in the financial services industry, the AmBank Group had always encouraged legal firms to have bumiputra partners, it added.

OMG! MCA is my hero! Fight for the Cina har! I'm so gonna vote for them! That Opposition is so dumbo! Malaysia is a heaven lar, where got discrimination!

That's exactly the thinking. This Is Malaysia (TIM).

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