Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rocky's Bru Omitted Out From Fast Forward Forum in RTM2 Now

Only Pak Non (theSun) and Bunn Nagara (The Star) are talking now on RTM2.

Zainon Ahmad a.k.a Pak Non from theSun.

Bunn Nagara from The Star.

The programme is on but Rocky is not there.

No, not even in this snapshot.

The lame moderator of the forum. She tried to cut short a caller from Tawau, Sabah 'condemning UMNO's lies in propagating a Malay sentiment against Semangat-46 and PAS'

Bunn Nagara just accused blogging as 'internet gossip' and 'bloggers are subjective and do not double check their facts (unlike the MSM) before publishing'.

Pak Non defended 'bloggers with names' saying that 'some of them were ex-journalists and they write like journalists. They have credibility, which in turn churns out a large following'.

Bunn Nagara then added: "I've seen more of the popular blogs running 'false information' just trying to outdo the MSM in meeting deadlines."

Also, he said:

"There is no checking out the facts between peers and cross-referencing in the blogs unlike the MSM, being runned by organisations"

Azman Ujang, the Bernama General Manager was also on the phone commenting about the setting up of a media council as suggested by Pak Non.

For a better coverage, visit Taiko lar...


This is what was posted in Rocky's blog:

update, midnight
Postponed. Got word late that the programme has been postponed. Will get confirmation from the producer in the morning.

Original post
Press Freedom. Tomorrow night, 10.30pm, TV2. I have been invited to speak on press freedom in Malaysia. Not sure who the other panelists are but The Star top editor Wong Chun Wai won't be able to make an appearance. Sun's Zainon Ahmad and Bernama's Azman Ujang, possibly. I know both journalists.

No, Rocky. The programme was not postponed.

Has it got something to do with this?

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