Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some Thoughts From Phnom Penh...

They have good broadband at the cybercafe here! People can actually watch Youtube non-stop! And no annoying gamer kids! (They are too busy pestering tourists at the streets).

So lucky and proud to be born Malaysian. Uncle Ho has his products here (I bought a few Cambodian-related DVDs and the shop-owner proudly said that the products are from Malaysia when I asked). Seriously, if I would be a 26-year-old man in Cambodia, I would be pestering tourists to ride my tuk-tuk or motorcycle. Count yourselves lucky, Malaysians! Well, at least your kids are not running around naked pestering torists for a dollar.

The China power is long here. Some people do speak Mandarin and besides Malaysian Uncle Ho's products, you get loads of them from there also.

Off for dinner now. Roadside food isn't too bad as they may seem (well, at least I'm not getting diarrhea now). Ta.

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