Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup: Malaysia Is Going To The Finals! And Howsy Was There!

IPOH, May 11 (Howsynews) - Malaysia will be going to the finals after beating India 2-1 at the 16th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in Ipoh today. In the finals on 13th May (Sunday), Malaysia will face Australia, who beat South Korea 6-2 in an earlier match.

Read Bernama's official story here.

Tomorrow's Fixtures:

7th/8th Classification Match

Canada vs China 7.35am

5th/6th Classification Match

Pakistan vs Argentina 9.35am

May 13:

3rd/4th Placing

South Korea vs India 3.05pm


Malaysia vs Australia 5.05pm

Here, Howsy, as an Ipohrean, brings you exclusive pictures of the tournament.

The final score:

The Malaysia team thanking the audience...

A panoramic view of the stadium...

No. 23. He's not from Real Madrid, so don't really know his name...

This goalkeeper was pretty free on that night...

The father-in-law-to-be Sultan was also there but I doubt the bridegroom-to-be was there.

The officials...

The Malaysian supporters...

Some photographers with their stuff. No, I am not in the picture.

Some hockey action...

I have a few clips also. Will post them up on Youtube later. Here's one for the moment.

It pays to be in a small town after all. Just turn up 5 minutes before a sports match yet still get a nice parking, entrance fee is FOC, and leave the event at ease after the game has finished!

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