Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trip To Tanjung Tualang: Fresh Water Seafood and Tin Dredge!

Ah, screw the growing moobs and melly! You can't say no to good food when you're in Malaysia, can you? So here's my trip to Tanjung Tualang, which is just 40 minutes drive from Ipoh; famous for its freshwater seafood at dirt-cheap prices!

There are loads of seafood restaurants there but make sure you choose one which is air-conditioned as you don't want to sweat (and swear) a river as you indulge yourself in good seafood.

Out of all, chose this one. It was a good choice after all as it has the largest crowd.

So, what to order? Let's start off with a Thai-styled fried tofu...

Ah, look at these fresh water big-head prawns, still swimming in the tank...

...only to be ended up as steamed prawns with a dash of rice wine...

...and also as dry-fried prawns with curry leaves.

Fresh water fish (didn't bother to know which type) still swimming in the tank...

...only to be steamed fresh...

Sorry vegetarians! Here's something for you all as compensation. Boiled 'choy tam' (dunno how it's called in English) served with soy sauce, oyster sauce, fried onions and oil.

And here's a sign of a very satisfying meal...

And just look at the bill! Only about RM 100 for 4 people!

So what's for beverage? How about a cooling yellow jelly (called 'wan tow long' or 'kepala pusing') with coconut milk or fresh lime? could order it from the store opposite outside and they'll serve it to you at the restaurant.

Stir it well and slurp it!!!

What's next after that? A visit to the only remaining tin dredge in Malaysia, despite it was tin which built the Kinta Valley in Perak.

Another angle of the tin dredge. The interior is not open so you can't see how the tin dredge operates.

Frontal view of the tin dredge.

But good news is that they are trying to spruce up the area and complement it with a museum.

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