Sunday, May 20, 2007

What You've Been Missing If You Didn't Attend BUM 2007 Last Night...

After searching around the Subang Jaya/Taylor's area for almost an hour, finally got to find a cybercafe (more like a noisy gamecafe) which I'm blogging from now.

All the speakers came, talked and conquered ate and we had a few surprises too. Rocky did address about what All-Blogs should be and Zan Azlee of Fat Bidin Media had the event recorded. So be patient for the final video to be out (trail the blogsphere, don't come here as I'm off to Cambodia).

No pictures now as the cybercafe owner looked at me in awe when I asked for a card reader. Check out other websites for now.

I turned into the greatest camwhore yesterday towards the end with the special guest of private college at Kota Damansara today. He does know how to kill many birds with a stone like me...

Sorry for the fragmented post here. My mind is still recovering from meeting too many blog celebs yesterday. :P

Catch up with you guys later when I came back from Cambodia. Ciao!

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