Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who Is The 'Fascist and Racist' Blogger?

From Marina Mahathir, who is also one of the esteemed speakers for the BUM2007 gathering (closing date today):

The wonderful thing about blogging is that it allows an individual to give voice to their thoughts when there are few other avenues available. Some of these thoughts are not necessarily positive and it has always mystified me why people complain about “political” bloggers who generally can make very erudite comments about national issues, and then say nothing about the fascist and racist bloggers who write under the guise of religion.

Siapalah yang makan cili, dialah rasa pedasnya. Tapi ada sesetengah orang ingat kalo cilipun dia pun anggap macam tomato.

The greatest polluter of PPS. You know who.

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