Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Bother?

Why bother and the fuss? When these people put their feet in their mouths.

For all you know, it's directed against the Godfather. Not even the NaSTy sue-ees.

Here's the catch:

There are five ongoing court cases -- okay, six if you include mine where I am being sued for RM85 million by a very unhappy Malaysia Today reader -- and these court cases will be the trigger that will bring change to Malaysia’s political landscape.

Dear RPKFC, it is one of Pak Lah's 'think tank' members, plus they made a police report against me. Also, they have lodged complaints with the data center to try to get them to close down Malaysia Today. Furthermore, the department in charge of monitoring the internet told me that they have received tons of reports against Malaysia Today and are studying how to get me.

This 'non-professional' blogger here always thought that 'what is the worst that could happen if the Godfather is still well and alive.' Guess I was so bloody naive after all.

But that doesn't give you the excuse not to attend the BUM2007 gathering! So, have you paid yet? ;-)

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