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'Real Issues'

'Real Issues'

'Sh*t Uncovered'

[Source: Malaysiakini]

Please, if we want to do it, do it properly. Like these countries:

1. North Korea
2. Myanmar (Burma)
3. Turkmenistan
4. Equatorial Guinea
5. Libya
6. Eritrea
7. Cuba
8. Uzbekistan
9. Syria
10. Belarus

Our sh*t being uncovered on the internet is just pathetic. Buck up or lose up. Our Nazi or Commie friends won't be too happy with this.

This is a friendly message from your leader.

Picture from Walski.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pak Lah in Ipoh/Najib Spotted With Altantuya

UPDATED 11.45 p.m.: Almost 12 hours after the court case, the Najib/government official connection is finally out in Bernama and theSun. Did the media have an earlier briefing from the 4th Floor? ;-)


UPDATED 3.20 p.m.: So far, it is Malaysiakini who has the news - as early as 11.34 am. All the other mainstream media probably are trying to get ways and means to try to cover the story. Bernama only has an update on Altantuya's case at 3.04 p.m. And it's not even mentioning about Najib.

Asia Sentinel has an interesting write-up on the 'missing witness'.

Meanwhile, the story on the Ipoh trip is up here.


Catchy title, isn't it?

Well, the former is in Ipoh for this and the latter was (reportedly) spotted with Altantuya for god-knows-what.

Natty complains the lack of photos and since he likes stick people, here's two for him. :P

Historic Centres of Melaka and Penang Fail To Make Into The Latest World Heritage Sites

He tried as hard as he can. By holding films festivals and shit...


They tried since 2001...

But it was announced today...the latest inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

[Chart by BBC]

The UN has expanded its list of the world's most valuable cultural treasures, adding Australia's Sydney Opera House, described as having lasting architectural influence.

To see more pictures of the new World Heritage sites, visit BBC.

Meanwhile, have you voted for the New 7 Wonders of the World, due to be announced on 07.07.07? The Angkor Wat is there. Cast your vote now! Support Asia!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bedolling Around The World In 80 Visits

UPDATED: Ceh...wah...can callen Mob's one anytime...:P


80 visits overseas. That's the total number since his tenure in late 2003/2004.

Abdullah's Visits Enhance Malaysia's Global Standing

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has made 80 official and working visits overseas since 2004, the Dewan Rakyat was told.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the visits which among others were based on economic cooperation, had contributed to Malaysia's achievement as the world's 19th largest trading nation.

He said this in a written reply to Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) who wanted him to list out the prime minister's official and non-official visits overseas, the length of the visits and the number of delegates in each visit.

Syed Hamid said Abdullah made 13 working and official visits up to June this year, 20 last year, 25 in 2005 and 22 in 2004.

Among them were official and working visits to the neighbouring countries in Asean, bilateral visits to East and West Asia, Middle East, the American continent and Africa as well as visits in conjunction with meetings or periodic conferences like the group of eight developing countries (D8), Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) and Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Syed Hamid said the prime minister was usually accompanied by several Cabinet ministers relevant to the fields where cooperations were intended to be forged with the countries visited, senior government officers, representatives from the related agencies and businessmen.

He said support officials from the Foreign Ministry, Malaysian Embassy and security personnel were also involved.

"The number of delegates depends on the scope of bilateral cooperations and the need for field experts to scrutinise and give advice including ministers relating to the important economic sectors and the relevant industry chiefs," he said.

The list of Abdullah's visits overseas since 2004 showed between seven and 143 people followed the prime minister in his visits.

Syed Hamid said the visits had enhanced bilateral relations and opened up more spaces for the private sector to secure infrastructure development projects and marketing opportunities in each country visited.

Such visits were welcomed by foreign leaders and the prime minister's counterparts as it allowed them to discuss bilateral and international issues in the effort to find a consensus in dealing with the issues faced, he said.

I'm not sure what 'global standing' have improved. Something like these?

1. Tier 3 or one of the countries in the worst category in the US state department's annual Trafficking In Persons 2007 report.

2. Ranked 44 in TI Corruption Perception Index 2006.

3. Third rudest city in Reader’s Digest 2006 survey.

4. Ranked 4/7 as 'Partly Free Country', the same as Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Kuwait.

5. Listed in one of the countries using torture- 2004/2005, in the same league as Iran and Iraq.

6. Ranked 156 in the May 2007 FIFA Football World Ranking, the same as Grenada and Myanmar.


The Star Commentator Joins In The Pack of Wolves Demanding A Pound of Flesh from Rommel

Selamat jalan, Mr Rommel!

Thierry Rommel, the head of the European Commission to Malaysia, has been ‘irking’ the country’s leaders and officials since he arrived in 2003. The European diplomat has on numerous occasions criticised government policies. Malaysia will not be sorry to see him go soon.


IN the last four years since he was posted here as the head of the European Commission, Ambassador Thierry Rommel has travelled the country far and wide.

In the course of his tour with his European colleagues based in Malaysia two years ago, he even met with an accident in Sabah. He escaped unscathed although several other people were injured.

"I did not say that the NEP was discriminatory nor did I call for it to be scrapped" - THIERRY ROMMEL
A quick check in the local newspapers showed Rommel had been given a fair share of publicity – via exclusive interviews, his visits to the states and his speeches.

He even wrote a strongly worded letter to this newspaper a few months ago claiming he was misquoted during a trip to Pahang. The letter was written in a condescending manner, said one editor.

Over in Wisma Putra, those who have had dealings with Rommel describe him as a brash person.

Whether he likes it or not, Rommel is now in serious trouble.

Last week, in front of an audience of about 50 diplomats, and local and foreign businessmen at the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon, Rommel decided to lambast the New Economic Policy.

Rommel was quoted as saying that the Government was using the NEP as an excuse to practise “significant protectionism of its own market,” including the automotive sector, steel, consumer goods, agricultural products, services and government contracts.

Malaysia claims these were “infant’ industries that need to be protected but “in reality ... it is the Malay-centred bumiputr a policy that drives protectionist policies,” he said.

Rommel was later asked by reporters why he had made the controversial remarks. His reply was that it took time for him to understand the country and now he was feeling comfortable.

He also told them his statement was meant to be constructive criticism.

“I did not say that the NEP was discriminatory nor did I call for it to be scrapped,” he said.

Whatever he says, the sentiment is Rommel has interfered in local affairs.

Although he represents no country, he is a bona fide head of a diplomatic mission and thus is expected to behave and speak like one.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was clearly upset and told off Rommel, saying he should not make any comment pertaining to the policies of the country he was attached to.

But this was not the first time the European diplomat had been critical and even disrespectful to Malaysia and its officials.

Last December, he was reported as saying the lack of transparency in government policies and the monopoly of contracts by certain companies had led the negative trend of FDI flow from EU countries.

It is also learnt that soon after his arrival in 2003, he had unilaterally and at the last minute cancelled several appointments for his courtesy call on the Foreign Minister himself.

Surely as an experienced diplomat, Rommel should know better than to speak publicly on his “unhappiness” with the way things were going in the country.

For example, why couldn’t Rommel have quietly expressed his thoughts to Malaysian diplomats? Nobody is denying him access to Malaysian officials.

So, after four long years, Rommel has finally begun to understand what Malaysia is about? But this is a bit hard to swallow.

The criticism against the NEP has really riled the Government. It is the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as Rommel is concerned.

And it looks like he has come to the end of his posting to Malaysia. It is understood his tour of duty is ending in September.

Perhaps Rommel consciously made his provocative remarks knowing full well his departure from Malaysia was imminent.

Well then, maybe it is time to say Selamat Jalan to him!

Mr. Rommel, bet you had a bad experience in this so-called 'model, moderate and tolerant' third-world-country-with-no-so-first-class-facilities, eh?

I was just wondering, with all these SIL and the mobs protesting atrocities in Lebanon, wasn't that considered interfering with US' pro-Israeli policies? A country's policy is still sovereign and still their erhmm...local/internal affairs, right? No matter bad or good or how it affects the international community. Now, do you see Dubya summoning our Malaysian ambassador to the US to explain the protest?

Malaysia Should Emulate Australia's 'Speeding = K*te Kecik' Ads To Curb Rempits

After their controversial 'Where The Bloody Hell Are You' tourism ads, the Aussies have thought up yet another one - for speeding. From Beebs:

And here's the video:

So, the Aussies have this:

Malaysians should have this:

Mob, can you do a better one har?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saudi Telecom To Buy Stake in Maxis


Undisclosed amount and percentage. Although it was reported at $3 billion or 25% earlier.

More updates from Google News.

Malaysia in the BBC (2): Malaysia fury at EU envoy remarks

Women selling scarves at a market in Kuala Lumpur (file photo)
Malaysia has been struggling to attract foreign investment
Europe's top diplomat in Malaysia has been summoned by the foreign ministry to discuss criticisms he made about policies favouring ethnic Malays.

Thierry Rommel, head of the European Commission delegation in the country, was accused of meddling in Malaysia's internal affairs.

In a speech last week, Mr Rommel said that the policies amounted to discrimination and protectionism.

Malaysian politicians reacted furiously to his remarks.

Mr Rommel described his 45-minute meeting with a senior foreign ministry official as "a useful exchange of views", and he hoped that it had resolved any misunderstanding.


The envoy accused Malaysia last week of denying foreign companies a level playing field - remarks which one government minister labelled "arrogant and extreme".

Mr Rommel called Malaysia's affirmative action policies a deterrent to both investment and free-trade deals - like the one Malaysia hopes to strike with the European Union.

He said that the policies - once intended as a means of reducing poverty amongst Malays by giving them privileges over Malaysians of Chinese and Indian descent - were now an excuse for "significant protectionism".

Correspondents say some foreign companies have complained that rules forcing them to take on ethnic Malays as business partners open the door to corruption.

Malaysian leaders were angry at Mr Rommel's remarks, with Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak saying the comments could be "construed as trying to interfere in the internal administration of the country".

But Mr Rommel insisted over the weekend that this was not his intention.

The veteran leader of Malaysia's parliamentary opposition, Lim Kit Siang, said that the government should justify giving state aid according to race, rather than accusing Mr Rommel of not having the facts right.

Malaysia's continued use of race as a test for business and social welfare has proved an obstacle in trade talks with the US, and is likely to be no less controversial in Europe, the BBC's Jonathan Kent in Kuala Lumpur says.

Malaysia in the BBC (1): Accused Malaysian boss goes free

Eric Chia
Eric Chia said the case had cost him 11 years of his life
A high-profile corruption case in Malaysia has ended with a top businessmen going free after a court dismissed charges against him.

Eric Chia, the former head of state firm Perwaja Steel, was accused of approving fraudulent payments to a fictitious company in the 1990s.

But the court said the prosecution had failed to prove its case.

The verdict is a setback to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's anti-corruption campaign.

Financial scandal

Mr Chia is one of only two major figures to have been charged with corruption since Mr Abdullah came to power on an anti-corruption platform in 2003.

Mr Chia had close links to the administration of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Mr Abdullah's predecessor.

Established in the 1980s to spearhead Malaysia's industrial development, Perwaja Steel came close to collapse after making heavy losses and accumulating debts of $2.6bn.

The prosecution's case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses
Akhtar Tahir, Malaysian judge

Mr Chia was accused of financial mismanagement by former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in 1996 and charged with criminal breach of trust in 2004.

Prosecutors claimed that he had overseen the transfer of 76.4m ringgits ($22m) in funds to a bogus company in 1994.

Mr Chia, who denied all wrongdoing, faced a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail if convicted. But the judge said the prosecution's case had been flawed.

"The prosecution's case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses," said judge Akhtar Tahir.

Mr Abdullah was re-elected in 2004 on a pledge to tackle corruption in business and public administration but critics have accused him of being too timid and losing his way.

The BBC's Jonathan Kent in Kuala Lumpur said there had been few arrests of prominent figures and Mr Abdullah would have to redouble his efforts if he was to convince people of his commitment to addressing the problem.

18 Big Fish? I Dunno...One's Been Released Today...

Catch Big Fish?

Original post: Nov 10th 2006.

Anchovies and sharks...


Fast reverse two and a half years ago, from Doc Mave's May 2004 archives...

But where's the 18?
A short documentary was even made out of it.

18 Big Fish? I Dunno...One's Been Released Today...

This Is Why MCA Was So Quiet As A RAT When Kerises Were Waved and Threatened To Soak With...

"You soak, soak lah! As long as I get my votes..."

Read the story from theSun here.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I Am Overwhelmingly Passionate About The Rat

Pixar's latest animation.

It's pronounced as Rat-a-too-ee.

Ain't it cute?

Cute and chubby as it may seem. But never underestimate it. The Rat.

It's about a rat who wants to be a chef. Surprising huh?

Will it cook this Ratatouille free lunch for me? Or rather as a special brunch? ;-)

ntv7 pImPs RPK/Malaysia Today

Looks familiar?

Yes, As Seen On TV(TM)...


Do not quote blogs?


To quote:

"The information posted on the blog website may be something provocative, politically motivated, inaccurate and are mostly rumours floated for the interests of certain parties," he said.

And this is what The Star wrote:


Meanwhile, the IGP has dismissed it as 'lies and slander' and Najib said that 'no one is above the law'.

RPK has a fresh new story on Jeanne today. Go read it.

MCMC Publishes Anti-Spam Legislation Tender; Will Jeff Ooi Be Interested?

So, Jeff?

Meanwhile, a developed country like the UK which doesn't even have superrrr corridors, has an organisation called ICSTIS to regulate spams. I personally was spammed before and they helped me to investigate.

And here's the proof:


The case subsequently went before the ICSTIS Panel for adjudication and its decision was that the service was in breach of the ICSTIS Code of Practice for failure to comply with a sanction imposed.

Due to the seriousness of the breaches the Committee imposed the following sanctions:

* Formal Reprimand

· £10,000 fine

* A bar on the service on any numbers on which it may be operating for a period of two years.
* Redress

You will also be able to view the details of the adjudication on our website which will be published shortly.

Of The Reluctant Dancer and 'So, Your Point Being...?'

So they did it...


But I only 'see' three people dancing. Where's the 8748 rest? And see how reluctant 'the-First-went-honeymooning-and-I-am-stuck-to-do-this-sh*t' lady among them.

Ah, the photo op....all from Bernama.

So, your point being...?

ShadowFox won't be too happy with his LCB doing this...

And Citizen Nades actually had a nice write-up last Tuesday about this:

Gracefully, into the record books

Somtimes, you have to wonder how Malaysians have survived the make-believe world which politicians try to work a spin on. To the uninitiated, they would wonder how tricks are conjured and how every half chance is converted into opportunities for publicity and in some cases, stardom.

Many of these "activities" are executed with pomp and pageantry, and in many instances, you wonder how taxpayers' money is being expanded on such ruses.

Those who are knowledgeable about lawatan sambil belajar and other extravaganzas often take a cynical approach and laugh about what others would see as "laudable" projects.

Listening to the late news on radio Tuesday night while driving home, I chuckled as I heard that 10,000 women will be dancing their way into the record books as part of the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations.

I have done my fair share in spreading the message, speaking at seminars and forums, and have in the recent past spent time with my foreign friends expounding the achievements of the country over the last 50 years, often comparing ourselves to other nations who got their independence much earlier.

Add the state of affairs in the African continent and we come out smelling like a bunch of roses, and yes, I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Coming back to my chuckles in the car, the friends, including an Aussie, who were with me were wondering if I had gone bonkers.

No, I assured them, and then told them about the irony of being Malaysians and the sandiwara, kun-tau and natiyam we are being subjected to under various guises.

The organiser of the "dancing into the record books" is MCA Wanita chief and Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen. Wasn't she the same person who had one leg in Australia while taking an oath of loyalty to King and country upon being appointed a Senator?

That's what I was laughing about, I explained to my friends.

"Other than to reflect the country's multi-racial population and various cultures, the event will also demonstrate women's spirit when it comes to unity," she was quoted as saying.

Well, the only consolation we lesser mortals can take is that these prophetic words were uttered in Kuala Lumpur and not Adelaide.

Having said that, let's not take away the credit from Ng. Compared to many others, who pay lip service to unity, at least she is attempting to bring about some change in mindsets.

Oh, btw, can 8751 people really fit the whole padang? Tell me, those candle-carriers at last week's vigil (who were also there but didn't even get featured in the mainstream media).

Alternatively, any land surveyors out there? Mind doing the calculation if the field could fit up to 10K people?

Gordon Brown, PM

Presenting you...Gordon Brown, PM.

This is how he paid homage to Blair:

"All of us will remember his leadership - his leadership has made Britain stronger, more tolerant, more prosperous and fairer.

"And let us never forget his towering presence in the international community, his work on Africa, climate change, his work to win the Olympics for Britain, and the skills and determination he brought to securing peace in Northern Ireland.

"Tony Blair's achievements are unprecedented, historic and enduring."

Read other key notes of his speech...yeah,like you care.

And Harriet Harman, DPM.

Prescott who?

Friday, June 22, 2007

RM 6.6 Million For 50th Merdeka 'Gotong Royong', Fly Flags

UPDATED: This blogger posed an off-topic question to MP Seputeh, YB Teresa Kok on how she would spend the money. She has kindly 'replied' saying that the RM 30K is a lie.


RM 6.6 Million - Just Like That...


Masuk poket sendiri kah? (Enter own's pocket?)

Such an insult! Lu kasi suap sikit pun kasi lebih sikit lar...ini majiam...

RM600 million goodies...


From 'Racist' To "Stupid', Presenting You The Nazi...I Mean, Nazri

Just for the record:

'Racist' - 42 times.

'Stupid' - ? times.

Decorum? More like Depa (Boleh) Corup Mulut.

Screenshots Is Down?

Screenshots Is Down?


Metro Kajang Publishes 'Muslims Need Not Apply' Clarification Ad

There are some Engrund errors in the ad. Can you spot them?

Bloggers like ShadowFox and Lulu knew it much earlier.

Other racist job ads in my Kulitfication post here.

Altantuya Murder Case: How The Media Is Conveniently Pimped Out...

Probably the greatest media circus in modern Malaysian history...

At first, you loathe 'em...

"Razak's Wife Mocks Journalists"


'Mark': "You Can Talk To My Arse"

[Pic Source]


After 'Altantuya = maneater", you love 'em

The Pride (not that one) Parade

'Police Is The One'

Kali/SIL paper's strategy to say 'bye-bye' to NTR.

Here Comes Friendly Mark...


Look, It's Amy...

[theSun, 22nd June 2007, frontpage]


We might not have MJ or Paris H., but we have...?