Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KJ Demanded Condoleezza Rice To Be A 'Man' - She 'Responded' By Blacklisting Malaysia As One of the 'Worst Slavery/Human Trafficking Country'

Remember this 'hero'?

Well, Condy likes Malaysia. By these responds:



To quote AFP:

Malaysia was cited for "failure to show satisfactory progress" in areas such as punishing acts of trafficking, providing adequate shelters and social services to victims and protecting migrant workers from involuntary servitude, the report said.

"The Malaysian government needs to demonstrate stronger political will to tackle ... significant forced labor and sex trafficking problems," it said.

And Al-Jazeera:

Another newcomer, Malaysia, was cited for failing to protect and identify victims of trafficking, many of them Indonesian domestic helpers.

Not a bit interested or affected by the story? You can still see Condy rap here:

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