Monday, June 25, 2007

MCMC Publishes Anti-Spam Legislation Tender; Will Jeff Ooi Be Interested?

So, Jeff?

Meanwhile, a developed country like the UK which doesn't even have superrrr corridors, has an organisation called ICSTIS to regulate spams. I personally was spammed before and they helped me to investigate.

And here's the proof:


The case subsequently went before the ICSTIS Panel for adjudication and its decision was that the service was in breach of the ICSTIS Code of Practice for failure to comply with a sanction imposed.

Due to the seriousness of the breaches the Committee imposed the following sanctions:

* Formal Reprimand

· £10,000 fine

* A bar on the service on any numbers on which it may be operating for a period of two years.
* Redress

You will also be able to view the details of the adjudication on our website which will be published shortly.

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