Monday, June 25, 2007

Of The Reluctant Dancer and 'So, Your Point Being...?'

So they did it...


But I only 'see' three people dancing. Where's the 8748 rest? And see how reluctant 'the-First-went-honeymooning-and-I-am-stuck-to-do-this-sh*t' lady among them.

Ah, the photo op....all from Bernama.

So, your point being...?

ShadowFox won't be too happy with his LCB doing this...

And Citizen Nades actually had a nice write-up last Tuesday about this:

Gracefully, into the record books

Somtimes, you have to wonder how Malaysians have survived the make-believe world which politicians try to work a spin on. To the uninitiated, they would wonder how tricks are conjured and how every half chance is converted into opportunities for publicity and in some cases, stardom.

Many of these "activities" are executed with pomp and pageantry, and in many instances, you wonder how taxpayers' money is being expanded on such ruses.

Those who are knowledgeable about lawatan sambil belajar and other extravaganzas often take a cynical approach and laugh about what others would see as "laudable" projects.

Listening to the late news on radio Tuesday night while driving home, I chuckled as I heard that 10,000 women will be dancing their way into the record books as part of the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations.

I have done my fair share in spreading the message, speaking at seminars and forums, and have in the recent past spent time with my foreign friends expounding the achievements of the country over the last 50 years, often comparing ourselves to other nations who got their independence much earlier.

Add the state of affairs in the African continent and we come out smelling like a bunch of roses, and yes, I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Coming back to my chuckles in the car, the friends, including an Aussie, who were with me were wondering if I had gone bonkers.

No, I assured them, and then told them about the irony of being Malaysians and the sandiwara, kun-tau and natiyam we are being subjected to under various guises.

The organiser of the "dancing into the record books" is MCA Wanita chief and Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen. Wasn't she the same person who had one leg in Australia while taking an oath of loyalty to King and country upon being appointed a Senator?

That's what I was laughing about, I explained to my friends.

"Other than to reflect the country's multi-racial population and various cultures, the event will also demonstrate women's spirit when it comes to unity," she was quoted as saying.

Well, the only consolation we lesser mortals can take is that these prophetic words were uttered in Kuala Lumpur and not Adelaide.

Having said that, let's not take away the credit from Ng. Compared to many others, who pay lip service to unity, at least she is attempting to bring about some change in mindsets.

Oh, btw, can 8751 people really fit the whole padang? Tell me, those candle-carriers at last week's vigil (who were also there but didn't even get featured in the mainstream media).

Alternatively, any land surveyors out there? Mind doing the calculation if the field could fit up to 10K people?

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