Saturday, June 16, 2007

Petronas Is Bloody Loaded, They Have Started Their Merdeka Ad Campaign More Than 2 Months Earlier

Have you seen this on TV lately?

They are just recycled Yasmin Ahmad's ones from previous years.But the bonus point is, you stand a chance to win one of the 50 national vehicles (Proton, Perodua, Naza and Modenas).

Here's my post on their Merdeka ads last year:

Have you seen this ad lately on TV? If not, you can still watch it here.

Yasmin Ahmad's work, again?

In the end of the ad, there's a message:

Kalau kita sanggup menimba ilmu daripada orang yang tahu, akan lupus iri hati dan dengki...
(Loose translation: If we are willing to learn from others who are knowledgeable, all the jealousy will disappear...)

You get the message? ;)

Here are some ads from previous years. Kleenex warning (for your pearly eye-drops, not for anything else, lar!) alert ahead!

Merdeka 2005- The One With The Sunat

To quote:

"Eh, itu dia potong, dia kasi balik kah"


And here are the links for the videos which the embed function is disabled:

Merdeka 2004- Madras

Merdeka 2002- Letchumi & Rokiah

Merdeka 2000- The One with the Bush

Merdeka 1998- The 'Tongkat' One (This one's specially dedicated to ZAM)

Enjoy! much are we paying for a litre of petrol again?

If you are the mudah lupa type, you can always head over to Shag's den to check the amount of fuel subsidy savings that we have saved since 28 Feb 2006.

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