Thursday, June 21, 2007

While Pak Lah Is Eurotour Honeymooning, EU's Envoy Blasted Malaysia's 'Apartheid' NEP Policy

An author once labeled it as 'the bizarre apartheid of Malaysia'.

Today, yet another outspoken foreigner (only they are allowed to do that, locals will be thrown in jails without trial at once) voiced it out:

[Source: Business Week]

Some quotes:

"In a dominant part of the domestic economy, there is no level playing field for foreign companies," Rommel, the ambassador and head of the European Commission Delegation to Malaysia, said in a speech to local and foreign businessmen.

Rommel said the government is using the NEP as an excuse to practice "significant protectionism of its own market," including the automotive sector, steel, consumer goods, agricultural products, services and government contracts.

Rommel stopped short of saying the NEP should be scrapped but told reporters separately: "We (in Europe) have bitten the bullet on a number of sensitive issues, why can't you?"

They are at least 10 articles of the same topic indexed by Google News now.

In no time, Malaysiakini will pick up the news soon. As a matter of fact, the same envoy wrote a letter to them earlier titled: "Do ‘bocor’ type remarks affect Malaysia's image?", hinting more criticisms to come.

UPDATED: Here's Malaysiakini's take:


Head over to Where's My Noose? blog for the full text of the speech and other links.

SJER, anyone?

Meanwhile, the newly-wed couple is due to visit romantic Italy anytime soon now.

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