Sunday, July 29, 2007

After 'Professional/Non-professional', ZAM Has A New Label For Political Bloggers - 'Goblok' (B. Indonesia For Tolol/ Stupid)

UPDATED 6th August: He just couldn't make up his mind, could he? What a cuckoo!



Since when did we appoint him to be our blog labeler?


For all I know, as much as people hate labels, socio-political bloggers are commonly known as So-Po. There's even a directory dedicated for them.

Here's what goblok means.

The last time the 'goblok' term was used, Taiko used it to describe the toll-ol cash cow.

Earlier in May, he wants to classify bloggers as pro and non-pro:


Then he said nobody reads or gives a damn to blogs and bloggers memang syiok sendiri:


Scan by Doc Mave.

Just a few days back, he wants Malaysians to 'maintain openness'. But he is against cyber-dissidents today.


Awww....poor thing. He's totally clueless, ain't he?

Memang goblok pun.

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