Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Howsy Becomes An Art Reviewer: The 'French Dinner for 3' Art Review

Since the 'french dinner for 3' is like the most discussed piece of art in town, Howsy becomes an art reviewer for a day. Let us see what are the pieces available (pun not intended).

Art 1: 'Stick Man and Woman'


Review: Naive; although surprisingly bears uncanny resemblance with the two. Human = 5 fingers, The Simpsons = 4 fingers, Stick people = 3 fingers? The words are totally unnecessary. '1/5'.

Art 2: 'TC Boy's Photoshopped'


Review: Distasteful and absolutely fake. A pussy site traffic magnet. Is that Shrek in the centre? '2/5'.

Art 3: 'Malaysiakini Zunar's I Know What You Did Last Dinner'


Review: Almost an awesome cartoon. Why the 'prison platter'? And where's the wine? '3/5'

Art 4: 'Random Google Image'


Review: Authentic photo. A tripod and [insert your fancy photography jargon] should be used. And what is a French dinner without wine (and its decanter)? Hmmmm....Bordeaux. '4/5'

Anymore out there? I'm willing to review it for you... :)

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