Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is Nat Tan A Convenient Scapegoat and Bloggers' Sacrificial Lamb?

Everything's fishy. It's like a staged, orchestrated sandiwara.

But the most burning question is "Is Nat Tan A Convenient Scapegoat and Bloggers' Sacrificial Lamb?" I mean, he is the closest aide to the infamous martyr-cum-photoshopper and is conveniently the proxy for the attack.

So far, E-Contrario and Bobjots have the most insights of the arrest. Let us look at the chronology of events and the fishy happenings:

1. It was clearly not an arrest, apparently.

I asked the leader if this was an arrest, but they said “Bukan, hanya nak siasat sedikit.” Nathaniel then started following them out, and Encik Ismail (the office manager of Yayasan Aman) then came out from the back (his room is at the back portion of the office), and the Policemen asked him a few questions, which I did not hear.

I'm not lawyer dawyer, but what if Nat resisted the arrest? Why didn't he resist the arrest? Will they subject to using force? Why was there no warrant of arrest? Did the 3 mention the golden phrase "You have the right to remain silent, bla ladida..."

Maybe Nat should have followed Abdul Razak Baginda in literally 'belanja mata minum kopi'. It's around tea-time at that time anyway.

2. The orange spirited-away kidnapping game.

This was the part which pissed most of us most. I will not elaborate on it as it is pretty self-explanatory. Luckily no physical abuse was reported. But was Nat subjected to what Squatgate Girl did?

3. The bull 'reason of arrest'.

From him, we were assured that Nat was not held within the ground of Bukit Aman. Further we were told that Nat was arrested based on a report lodged at Dang Wangi police station. However we have no information on the content of the report. We were also informed that the arrest was not done by SB but the commercial crime unit, and his detention has to do with “cyber-crime” (jenayah cyber).

Who the hell lodged the report in the first place? Was the person (who lodged the report) even there to 'support' Nat under the pretext of opportunistic photo-taking? Is the person who lodged the report a journalist, or a freelance one? If yes, is the journalist the same as the one who wrote this spin in MCA Paper? (For the record, the piece of news is not in the print edition). And the MCA Paper is the only mainstream media reporting on this, although in concert with other 'kuburkan PKR' stories around.

When meeting the family, Nat told Li Tsin that the police told him that they are investigating him because an unidentified readers had posted a link on his blog mentioning corruption allegation against Johari Baharom Deputy Minister of Internal Security.
What? This is purely lame excuse.

WTF. The link was posted around since March. You want the link. Here's the link.

'Blame the blogger for letting readers posting seditious comments' again. The same modus operandi used to nab Jeff Ooi (the najis case, Guna's 'shooting'), and in the NaSTy suit.

Also, according to the Malaysian Godfather of All Grapevines, they are banking on this 'readers posting seditious comments' modus operandi already, by employing a 25-member cyber-trooper team, headed by Norza Zakaria and Azalina Othman.

Norza Zakaria and Azalina Othman were given the task of heading this new cyber-trooper team. It will be a 25-member team and each will be paid a salary of RM2,750 a month. They will also be reimbursed whatever expenses it costs to operate this team. The taxpayers will of course be footing the bill. But it is not that much. The budget will come to only about RM5 million a year. They hope that by the end of that first year, Malaysia Today would have ceased operation and the cyber-trooper team can then be disbanded. If not, then it will be another RM5 million for the second year -- or maybe they might offer to buy out Malaysia Today for RM10 million and solve the problem once and for all.

With the new 25-member cyber-trooper team in place, spread out in various towns all over Malaysia, the attack started. They posted many repeat messages in the blogs, mostly very personal in nature about ‘Anwar main buntut’, ‘Raja Petra being paid by Anwar to attack Umno’, ‘Malaysia Today spinning lies and untruths’, and much more. Their strategy is to swamp Malaysia Today with so much junk that readers would get fed up with the deteriorating quality of the ‘debates’ and eventually decide to no longer read any of the postings. They hope that this disgust about Malaysia Today being reduced to a ‘gutter’ website would cause the readers to just leave Malaysia Today altogether.

Speaking of which, shouldn't be the Godfather himself the first one to be nabbed by them? (no offence, RPK).

He had since put up this disclaimer in his blog:

You need to be a member of Malaysia Today to post messages in any of the Blogs. To become a member please send an e-mail to raja.petra.kamarudin[at]gmail[dot]com. Membership is a privilege, not a right, and abuse of these privileges will get you banned.

So, what's next? You know, the 12th General Elections is said to be just early next month.

The Opposition Leader has lent his support to Nat and asked the same question as this blogger:

Had Tan become a pawn in a trade-off among the powers-that-be in the political and police establishments to close ranks and protect their vested interests in the face of more and more specific and detailed allegations and increasing expose in the public domain of corruption, malpractices and abuses of power involving both the top political and police establishments?

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