Monday, July 02, 2007

Kalimullah's Unsettled Traffic Summonses

Remember the dirty list from Malaysiakini?

Click on image for larger view.

It appears that not only that the cabinet ministers and an ex-major shareholder of ECM Libra Avenue Bhd a.k.a. 'The Old Man Broke His Pot of Rice' are traffic law-breakers and have unsettled summonses, the 5-figure earning board of directors of ECM Libra Bhd. (now known as ECM Libra-Avenue Bhd. after the merger) also join in the 'highway speed club'.

First in the list is who else if not Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan.

And the rest, which includes:

Dato' Mohd. Ali Bin. Abdul Samad

Chua Ming Huat

Roger Tan Kim Hock

Sak Cheng Lum

Turns out to be Lim Kian Onn is the only one having a clean record. Good on you, sir!

Perhaps they need reminding from the Australian authorities about the sizes of their manhood?

Last but not least, here's a public service message for all:

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This post has been made possible by RPK's post and of course the user-friendly PDRM online summons(es) checking system.

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