Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kita Minum Dulu!

Abdul Razak Baginda took the term 'belanja mata minum kopi' (treat cops drink coffee) too literally. Ada bubuh Tongkat Ali kah?

theSun's frontpage Thurs July 12th. Full story here.

To quote:

DSP Lim Meng Seah, who led the arresting team, drew laughter when he admitted his men had refreshments while Abdul Razak had his breakfast.

There were more red faces when he admitted under cross-examination that they were served refreshments again when the team brought Abdul Razak back to his office to look for other items two days later.

This is no laughing matter. In Hong Kong (as seen in those TVB serials), where the IPCMC/ACA-like ICAC is established, it is the cops who would like to fan chai kun cheng lei yum char (back to police station to treat suspects drink coffee), and not the other way around.

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