Monday, July 30, 2007

The Last Time I Looked For 'Law of the Jungle', It Means...

The last time I looked for 'Law of the Jungle', it means...

the law of the jungle
the way in which only the strongest and cleverest people in a society stay alive or succeed. I was brought up on the streets where the law of the jungle applies, so I soon learnt how to look after myself.

,which simply means - no protectionism. Which in turn means...

...not to win a post uncontested.

...buying shares to a company without insider connections.

...buying iPhones using own hard-earned money.

...not to pester FIL to bring favourite football team to come.

...paying off traffic fines on time, and without given any discounts.

...need not protected by mineral water bottles.

and most importantly,

...saying NO to Never Ending Protectionism.

Does he really understand the 'law of the jungle'?

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