Friday, July 13, 2007

"Nat Tan Arrested By Bukit Aman Special Branch"

UPDATED: From his sis' blog:

edit:12.28 - they just came out. dad says he’s fine. he’s in an orange prison t shirt (his favourite) in a lockup and he’s fine. they gave him food and a toothbrush and stuff. he was in quite high spirits. there were four lawyers. nothing much was said about what happened, and they didn’t mistreat him or something. it is estimated that there were about fifty people supporting him. they went around from station to station until they found him. my parents should be on their way home in a short while. they will see me later.

Also, from a text message received:

He's in Dang Wangi lockup. Seeing magistrate tomorrow. He's good. All smiles when we saw him. It's bout comment left in his blog on Johari Baharum. That's bull.
His last post on Johari Baharum was this:

Johari vs. Musa: Law Enforcers Squabble, Criminals Roam Free

With this stupid, inane spat going on between Dtk Johari and TS Musa, I’ve gotta ask: who the hell is protecting our streets?? >:(

And he got 9 comments, which ironically, none of it was pertaining to Johari.

Stay strong and take care, mate!





Spotted with popular blogger, Kenny Sia.



Poster from mob1900.

From Eli Wong:

Around 1630 hours, Nat Tan of and was arrested by 3 officers who said they were from the Special Branch. He is expected to be brought to Bukit Aman.
Nat, a prominent blogger is the founder editor of and one of Anwar Ibrahim's youthful officers.

You know the drill, guys - Call Bukit Aman and whack them.

I'm going to B Aman now.

3 policemen for Nat. But not enough to fight real crime.


(PS: Apparently Malaysiakini will run this news)

Read more from Malaysiakini.

OMG, what happened? His MKini letter? Hope he'll be fine.

Friday the 13th jinx?


Nat's lil' sis.

Tian Chua

Bob K

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