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The Police Report Against RPK/Malaysia Today: Was The 'Seditious' Comment Planted?

UPDATED: Here's my solidarity message to RPK.

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Okay, this may come in a lil' bit late. That is because I'm gathering information and making analysis, you impatients!

The latest - from IHT. Also from Bernama. And theSun.


To quote:

"I'll fight back on the Internet," Raja Petra told The Associated Press.

Well, he fought back with his latest post here.(Intermittent connection error is expected as his blog is swamped with traffic now)


The only online MSM reporting it so far. Bernama has not reported it. Yet. [Source]

And it's in the main story in the news:

Look at the crowd to make one police report!

The 'seditious' comment was read out loud in English. Looks like someone's been taking some English lessons, after claiming that he understood little English and therefore couldn't read the warnings at the immigration. He was being detained (but later acquitted) for failing to declare almost $1 million at the Brisbane airport in 1997.

Also, as seen on the Chinese news edition:

UPDATED: The examples of the 'seditious' comments are given in the UMNO Online website. Mat Taib gave the example of the 'seditious' comments on something about some commenter wanting to show his/her gluteus maximus to the King for not taking action on something. There are like gazillions of comments in RPK's blog, so I won't bother trailing the comments to find which post was it. Plus, the blog is under "Error message: "Could not connect to MySQL database" intermittent mode, and it could have been deleted already.

The main question in this post is: "Was the comment planted?" He saw it coming anyway:

With the new 25-member cyber-trooper team in place, spread out in various towns all over Malaysia, the attack started. They posted many repeat messages in the blogs, mostly very personal in nature about ‘Anwar main buntut’, ‘Raja Petra being paid by Anwar to attack Umno’, ‘Malaysia Today spinning lies and untruths’, and much more. Their strategy is to swamp Malaysia Today with so much junk that readers would get fed up with the deteriorating quality of the ‘debates’ and eventually decide to no longer read any of the postings. They hope that this disgust about Malaysia Today being reduced to a ‘gutter’ website would cause the readers to just leave Malaysia Today altogether.

Just pre-moderate your comments from now on, RPK.

In another news, the Dewan Negara is reading the Activities of the Electronic Government Activities Bill 2007 for the second time today. I'm not a parlimentarian and I'm not sure what 'activities' are included in the bills.


[Source] See? They want websites and blogs critical of the government to be listed as cyber crime in the Electronic Government Activities Bill 2007!

For a track record on RPK, here's an article back in 2002: "Royal revolutionary pays price for backing Anwar". His Wikipedia entry is here. His previous 'blog', is still up and running. And this is one of the books he has written over a decade ago.

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