Thursday, July 19, 2007

Police 'Subjected Nat Tan To Physical Intimidation'; Wants (Chinese) Youth Activists Like Him 'To Be Like Lee Lam Thye'

Physical intimidation 1:

One of the officers questioning me that evening who refused to identify himself threatened to slap me and throw me across the room.

Physical intimidation 2:

On Saturday itself, a senior officer employed physical means in an attempt to intimidate me into answering their questions. This included shoving me into a chair while I was standing handcuffed.

It is not clear whether he was subjected to what Hemy Hamisa did in the lockup (this is my main concern).

Wants More (Chinese) Youth Activists Like Him 'To Be Like Lee Lam Thye'

The ranking officer in the unit investigating me even took the time to ‘advise’ me to emulate the example and career trajectories of individuals like Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye(LLT). The same officer also warned me to be considerate to my parents as I choose my career paths.

More info on LLT here. Perhaps Kit should shed some light what sort of person he was?

Yeah, maybe more youth activists should be like LLT shedding a few crocodile tears and dodging responsibilities of the National Service mishaps and disasters while sitting his fat arse on a fat salary from an UMNO-owned conglomerate.

Read the rest of Natty's statement in bilingual here.

Meanwhile, the person who ordered the setting up of a royal commission to revamp the police force is on his 84th honeymoon trip to Melbourne.

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