Friday, July 13, 2007

Tambak Paya Hindu Temple Demolition: UMNO Youth's or Malay Villagers' Problem?

Malaysiakini reported:

The temple has been given a deadline until next Tuesday to tear down its renovated portion because its increase in size was not welcomed in a Malay village.

Legalities aside, is it the Malay villagers' problem or UMNO Youth's usual fascist stand?

This is because today The Star reported in its Metro (North) section about Indonesian Muslims painting idols.

And wonder where the idol factory is located?

Farish Noor has an interesting article out yesterday. To quote:

At this rally in Kampung Baru, the politician who is now the Deputy Prime Minister was seen with the crowd that was already hot-tempered. We will recall that the banners and slogans shouted then included warnings such as ‘May 13 Will Happen Again’ and vain boasts such as ‘This Keris Will Drink Chinese Blood’. As a young scholar in England at the time, I recall watching televised images of this event where the leaders of the ruling party was seen standing in the middle of the crowd while all this bloodthirsty demagoguery was going on. Odd, to say the least, that a man who was present at such a racist rally could now occupy such a position of power in the country. (Or perhaps not so odd, considering the nature of Malaysia’s divisive communitarian racial politics…)

Guess who is the greatest hindrance to Malaysia's harmonious and tolerant multi-cultural/religion society? No, not PAS. Only Oxfordians need apply. ;-)

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