Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amir Muhammad's Latest Book Set To Be (Yet Again) Controversial?

In case you didn't know yet, here's his latest work, to be out on Malaysia Day - 16th Sept 2007.

A few extracts of his book can be found in his blog, Writing by Amir. The book is not just full of quotes from our politikuses (not you, LT), but also loaded with nice caricatures.

Free whoring publicity for Amir:

Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things will be launched on

Sunday, 16 September
Gallery One, The Annexe, Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

The book will be on sale for RM20. Murah je bang.

All are welcome.

We will also be happy to do home deliveries on that day, provided you live in the Klang Valley and are buying at least 5 copies! Please send your address and contact number to and we will get back to you pronto.

We are also working on selling it at other venues at different times of that day itself. Details will be posted here when we have 'em. For the reasons set down below, this first edition of 1,000 copies will not be sold in bookshops.

If there is sufficient demand, we can even work out one of them Maybank2u postal-delivery deals.

Review copies will be given earlier to a few media outlets like Malaysiakini, but other than that, no copies will be available before the date.

Unfortunately, I won't be around KL on Malaysia Day. So, how can I buy the book, Amir?

I had in my mind for a long time to put together a similar book, called 'Pak Lah's Compendium of Flowery Slogans'. I'm very sure that it won't be short of a dictionary thick. Could that be your next book, Amir?

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