Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Déjà Vu August

I was kinda blogger's block today, so I checked back what I posted in August 2006 and noticed several déjà vus.

1. Witch hunt on blogs and alternative media.

2006 : First, Malaysiakini, then Jeff Ooi (the Guna case) and RPK's flip-flop DOS. And how the blog demonization all started.

: Gobloks, monyet dan lain-lain yang sama waktu dengannya.

2. "Sexy, I'm too sexy for Malaysian eyes"

2006 : PCDs.

2007 : "Wind it up, you Orange County Girl", says Malaysian Muslims.

3. KSOs (KJ Simian Obsession Syndrome).

2006 : "Critics like monkey shaking the tree"

2007 : "There are no laws in the cyberworld except for the law of the jungle. As such, action must be taken so that the "monkeys" behave"

4. ZAM, The Flag Dictator.

2006 : "Screw you Chinese urbanites!"

2007 : "Look, ma! I've got no Jalur Gemilang and I'm on TV!"

Oh, that TV3 interview. It has been a year already. Will there be a déjà vu this year?

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