Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ganyang Malaysia, 2007?

No thanks to our super efficient Polis Raja di Malaysia.

It was downplayed by the mainstream media when the news broke out yesterday...


..even though the paper accused of being 'The Rocket 2' reported on it today:

But it was pretty big especially in our 'abang' nation and around the world (well, at least in Google News).


The Indonesian President, Susilo, attempted to do a reconciliation by saying 'Nobody Can Force Malaysia To Apologise'.

Considering to visit Surabaya recently? Think twice...

Anti-Malaysia protests held in Indonesia after referee assault

Jakarta - Anti-Malaysia demonstrations broke out Wednesday in Indonesian cities after an Indonesian referee was beaten while in the neighbouring country for a karate competition. In the East Java capital of Surabaya, dozens of youths conducted a sweep against Malaysian citizens at a local hotel in retaliation for the beating, which allegedly occurred at the hands of police officers.

A report by the online news service said dozens of youths went to the Garden Palace Hotel, searching for Malaysian badminton players who participated in a local competition.

Before conducting the search, the youths demonstrated outside the East Java regional legislative building, demanding the Indonesian government lodge a protest against the Malaysian police officers' conduct.

The protestors urged the government to "immediately severe" its diplomatic ties with Malaysia and accused Malaysia of being an "uncivilized nation."

"Deport the Malaysian athletes from Indonesia," the protestors shouted.

Indonesian karate referee Donald Luther Kalapita was allegedly assaulted Friday in Kuala Lumpur by four Malaysian police officers without cause and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries.

In protest of the beating, Indonesia withdrew from the karate event.

Similar anti-Malaysia rallies took place in North Sumatra's capital, Medan, and Jakarta, where protestors demanded Kuala Lumpur apologize to Indonesia.

A number of Indonesian lawmakers denounced the assault, claiming the Malaysian police had insulted the feelings and dignity of the Indonesian people.

"This is an arrogant act of the Malaysian police against an Indonesian citizen," the state-run Antara news agency quoted House Speaker Agung Laksono as saying. "The government should lodge a strong protest to the Malaysian government."

After meeting with Malaysia's foreign minister and police chief Tuesday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said his government appreciated the Malaysian government's commitment to legally process the case and punish whoever is found guilty.

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