Thursday, August 09, 2007

Howsy's First Fast Food Review: KFC's Chicken Poppers

A break from socio-politics and for the benefit of the SB and Cybertroopers monitoring this blog (if any).

I'm not a fan of Malaysian fast food after I left for the UK. Why? Because fast food are for losers people with a tight budget. Surprised? Fast food is a luxury in Malaysia but in the West, it is for er...what's the opposite for luxury? Well, as a seasoned backpacker like me, I have a tight budget to spend on food while traveling - which left me with no choice but to feed on fast food. Yes, the cheapest non-self catered food available is fast food! I mean, you don't really have to figure out how much to pay for the tips, and most importantly, the menu is in English (and the people there speak English). I have to admit that months after coming back, I haven't touched any fast food in Malaysia - not just because of the exorbitant price, but also why should one in Malaysia, the food heaven, touch any of it? But I've decided to give this latest promotion by KFC a try, after watching Rush Hour 3 (to be reviewed in my movie blog, The Sensimovielert).

Let us see what do they have on the poster:

Yes, the word 'popper' is easily the most abused word in Malaysia, after a major ice-cream company decided to use it. But how many Malaysians really know the real meaning (and the illegalities) of it?

I ordered the RM 4.95 combo (which is RM 5.20 after tax - and yeah, the price of fast food in the Europe is 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get', which means you don't really have to 'pay' extra for taxes) since I was not that hungry.

What you will see on the table...

You'll get 5 poppers and a tub of mashed potato...

Mashed potato is basically mashed potato (duh!) and poppers is essentially chicken balls.

The texture is moist enough and it is thinly coated with the OR spices. I ate them with the Thai Chili Sauce.

The verdict? Go for it if you have too much money to spend (in fact, for any fast food if you have too much money to spend). The meat is not 100% real chicken breast - which means it is basically a patty. RM 5.20? I heard you could buy two packets of frozen Ayamas balls already!

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