Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Jo-IGP War Continues...

The Deputy Minister is blaming the IGP for sloppy investigation which led to the acquittal of two suspects in a Kuantan murder:

The Internal Security Ministry has demanded a report from the police on their "sloppy" investigation which resulted in two men being acquitted of murder in Kuantan Monday.

Deputy Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said this was not the first time that a police team had blundered in its investigations.

"At times, we cannot avoid such loopholes and weaknesses due to inexperienced police officers although the police have scored many successes in solving murder cases.

"I hope the police will come up with an explanation. We hope to find a better solution in future," he told reporters after a ground-breaking ceremony for a police station in Seri Petaling today.

Meanwhile, the Godfather of Grapevine reported that the officers involved in arresting the 'untouchables' were instead 'called up for interrogation and now have to face disciplinary action for arresting the boss of bosses without the approval from the top'.

The Royal Malaysian Police is now split into two camps. On the one side is the Commercial Crime Division which made its move on the Chinese organised crime syndicate on the instructions of the Deputy Minister of Internal Security. On the other side is the Criminal Investigation Division that appears to be the protector of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. One wants to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the other wants to get rid of the police officers who wish to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. And at the pinacle of this very weird pyramid is the Minister of Internal Security.

Gotta stop now - don't want to be the pelanduk between the two fighting gajahs. Also don't wish my wife to be called up; not like I have one already.

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