Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Malaysian Registration Form Dilemma: How Much Info Are You Willing To Give Out?

Wanted to do something this evening. So logged on to a website to do an online purchase but was asked to register first. And here's the registration form:

You can actually figure it out what I'm trying to purchase online.

Wah! Not only IC is compulsary, but also Race lar, Nationality lar, Address lar, Monthly income lar, howfrequentdoyouboinkyourpartner lar. I mean, WTF!

Gave up and better do the snail purchasing.

Data protection - does it even mean a thing in Malaysia? I mean, if there was an alleged sniping of your race in one of a major fastfood chain WITHOUT your consent, imagine what they can do with the above. There's not even a disclaimer saying that 'the data used is for company's use and will not be disclosed to a third party' thingy.

Also, if a MyKad is treated like a CIA dossier, I think 'the right of privacy' is not even in the vocabulary of Malaysia. For all I know, toll agreements, Petronas profits, Happy Dick's mansion...ah, all these are considered given utmost privacy lar!


50 year kah?

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