Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Satu Lagi Projek...Di Atas Kertas?

UPDATED: Coincidentally, M Bakri Musa wrote an article today which shares my same sentiment, questioning what this Bedol is worth of. Check out from Kit's blog here.


Blueprints, development plans, manifestos et al. You see them sprouting faster than an anatomical part of a teenager boy upon seeing a hot chick. All launched by Bedol (mostly upon coming back home from honeymoon around the world). Here are a few, if you're interested:

First, we have this:

Visit the download page here.

Then this:

The download page here.

Most recently, this:

Visit the download page here.

And soon to come - the Eastern Corridor and the Budget 2008.

Plus others like the 9MP, the National Biotechnology Policy, etc.

Why this post was created in the first place? I was just thinking - what is this Bedol worth of for the past 4 years? I mean, we have heard a lot of negative things about him (including originating from this blog) to the extent that even mamak stalls have a special roti canai dedicated for him (that's what I heard). Is he really worth...erhmmm...a food?

I won't deny all these blueprints, plans and manifestos look great and impressive. The 4th floor boys are not stupid, that's for sure. And based on this fact alone, I would have kissed his feet (not literally lar!) and throw a vote for him. I mean, hey, 92% of you did in 2004, right?

But going back on these blueprints, are they more like the title suggested - Satu Lagi Projek...Di Atas Kertas?

November 2007 election? I'm afraid I won't be able to vote again. :-(

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