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VMY 2007: Bootylicious Babe Not Welcome, Coke-Snorter Please Come

OK, this might be a lame news, but here it goes again:

Beyonce's not coming...

Public caning for Beyonce if she comes?

But Whitney's coming...


Some photos of Whitney for your eye-feasting...

Enjoy! Not coke, but the music ;)

Howsy Is A PKR Forum Virgin No More: The "From Nurin to Chief Justice - A Collapse of Law and Order?" Forum Report

This blogger first attended a forum by the Opposition on August the 20th.

Continuing my quest to attend at least one public forum organized by the Opposition (why not the BN, you may ask – well, haven’t you had enough of ‘forums’ by them day in day out in the mainstream media?), as promised, Howsy spared some time on a Saturday afternoon to attend the PKR forum titled “From Nurin to CJ: A Breakdown of Law and Order.” Held at the Corus Hotel (ironically, it was the place where there was an alleged sex scandal involving Tun Hamid Omar, one of the current member in the ‘video authenticity’ investigation panel – according to Sivarasa Rasiah), the forum started at 2.30 p.m. sharp and ended slightly after 5 p.m and boasted almost 96% occupancy and a multi-ethnic panel and audience. Met Melvin, and other seasoned bloggers like Hafiz, Eli Wong, James Wong Wing Onn and Tian Chua were also there.

Covered by wtv8 (PAS TV; not to be confused with ArmNoh's 8tv), online news and bloggers (like yours truly), the panelists had a general consensus that an efficient judiciary influences very much on the public perception and that suspicious conducts of the judges tarnish the public confidence of the judiciary. Moderated by Sivarasa Rasiah, the forum started off by the screening of the CJ-gate video, which received laughing responses from the floor - especially when VK Lingam repeatedly said the infamous ‘Ah, ah, ah, correct, correct, correct’.

Recording by wtv8.

'I dunno whether to laugh or cry seeing this video'

The panelists.

Lim Chee Wee (who left Polytikus swooning all over his good looks), the Bar Council Secretary, started off by outlining the 7 milestones of the judiciary crisis in Malaysia since the 1988-sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas. Other events include the poison pen letter containing 112 allegations against judges, the VK Linggam-Eusoff Chin NZ trip photo revelation, defamation suits against MGG Pillai by Vincent Tan and phone call directives to strike out election petitions like in Likas (are there 7 already here?). Lim also accounted the Justice March last Wednesday, from the blocking of buses to the rain right after the submission of the 2 memoranda to the PM’s private secretary at Putrajaya.

Lim Chee Wee, Bar Council Secretary.

Next, was Tunku Abdul Aziz’s turn where he describes the current judiciary crisis as ‘the best judicial officials that money can buy’ and the ‘selling of justice to the highest bidder’. The judiciary has gone to the dogs that judges nowadays betray the oath of office and destroy the democracy, as evidenced by the promotion of judges who produced no written judgements. The source of all evil, according to him, is non-other than M, where ‘the end justifies the means’. If no action is taken, one day, Malaysia will end up with ‘state capture’ like the former USSR, he said.

Tunku Abdul Aziz, Transparency International.

The next speaker, Datuk Param, revealed several undocumented revelations which I won’t reveal here (ask the rest of the audience). Judicial independence is the right of the rakyat and distinguishes democracy from dictatorship. He also reminded us on Mr. Sleepy Head’s unfulfilled election manifesto on promoting accountability and transparency and combating corruption. Last but not least, he gave an example in Guatemala, where the people once took law into their own hands by stoning the magistrate to death - due to the erosion of public confidence for the judiciary, even though the judgment was correct. Of course, we do not wish this to happen in Malaysia one day.

Param Cumaraswamy, ex-UN Special Rapporteur.

Our former DPM, Anwar Ibrahim then proceeded by first quoting Shakespeare (which I haven’t got the slightest idea of what it was). I agree with him when he said that we should no longer be naïve to leave the decision to be taken on the CJ-gate video by the current executive, as they are not independent, as evidenced by the dead-as-dodo IPCMC – even though a Royal Commission was set up then. Of note, this is the first time that I’ve listened to him speak in public. So, will you give him the benefit of the doubt to be the ‘next Prime Minister of Malaysia’, as exclaimed by several members of the floor, who seemed so passionately supporting him? Although many would claim that he is not a saint as he was previously part of the corrupted carry-over Cabinet that we have now, and that he could have done more during his tenureship, but to the words of his loggerhead-cum-sacker, the corruption now has turned into ‘from under the table to over the table’; no matter what the Corruption Perception Index tells us recently. More of Anwar’s stand on the CJ-gate video from Kuda Ranggi and Malaysiakini.


Members of the floor voiced their concerns passionately about the current rot in the System – from the judiciary to the press freedom and the education system. Many agreed that the rakyat should be more proactive to make the change themselves, and not just leave it to the Bar Council, amongst others. The highlight from the floor was from Wee Choo Keong, who wondered where the CJ-gate video came from, why it needed Anwar to reveal it and why not by other Opposition parties, and what took it so long to be surfaced since its 2002 recording. You could sense from his intonation that he wants justice and vindication for wrongly dismissed as the MP for Bukit Bintang.

Wee Choo Keong speaking passionately.

Presentation of token of appreciation to panelists.

So, will there be a revolution to the System? It is YOU – who could determine it, supposedly this coming November. ;-)

More from Hafiz.

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Howsy Will Be Going To Both of These, So See You There!

More C&P for the day!

Howsy Will Be Going To Both of These, So See You There!

1. THEME: From Nurin to Chief Justice - A Collapse of Law and Order?
ORGANISER: Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD)
DATE: 29 Sept 2007
TIME: 2.15pm - 4.30pm
VENUE: Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

1 ) Anwar Ibrahim (Ketua Parti Keadilan, Former Deputy Prime Minister)
2 ) Tunku Abdul Aziz (Transparency International)
3 ) Lim Chee Wee (Bar Council Secretary)
4 ) Param Cumaraswamy (ex-UN Special Rapporteur)

2. The National Alliance of Bloggers (ALL-BLOGS) will hold a public forum on Blogs and Digital Democracy next Wednesday.

DATE: October 3, 2007 (Wednesday)
TIME: 7.00pm (Buaka Puasa) 8.00pm (Forum starts)
VENUE: Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club

1 ) Datuk A Kadir Jasin, Group Editor-in-Chief, Berita Publishing Group
2 ) Ahirudin Attan (Rocky's Bru), President, National Alliance of Bloggers

Jeff Ooi, ALL-BLOGS Vice President and Head of Ttaining & Development Committee

The forum is by Invitation Only

Seating capacity is limited to 70 people. We have reserved about 10 seats for the public. If you are interested to attend the Forum, which will be preceeded by a Buka Puasa dinner, please email ALL-BLOGS exco members at:

1 ) jeffooi.screenshots AT
2 ) tony.yew AT

by Monday, October 1, 2007.

To those who have confirmed attending, please be there or your seat will be wasted as there are some who are put on waiting list.

Sign The Petition to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong: Return the judiciary to the rakyat!

From The People's Parliament:

What appears below is the English text of the substance of the petition that will be sent to His Majesty.

The actual petition will be in Bahasa Malaysia, complete with the requisites to meet the requirements of protocol for a communication from the rakyat to ruler.

The final text will be posted once the translation and protocol requirements have been completed.

If you want to lend your support to this petition to His Majesty, please send an e-mail to savethejudiciary[at] .

As this is a petition to our Agung, I do not think that it is proper if pseudonyms are used. As such, I must ask that you state your name in full together with your NRIC number.


The People’s Appeal To His Majesty The Yang DiPertuan Agung

On 19/9/2007, the nation was rocked by another scandal, this time in the form of a video clip which exposed what appears to be a telephone conversation between senior lawyer VK Lingam and another person, allegedly fixing the appointment of ‘friendly’ senior judges.

A careful study of the monologue presented in the video clip leaves a very clear impression that the telephone conversation is indeed between VK Lingam and the present CJ, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and relates to the appointment and promotion of judges. Other judges are also named in the course of the conversation.

That Tun Ahmad Fairuz had, subsequent to the release of the video clip, first responded that he would need to first view the video clip before saying anything, then issuing a ‘no comment’ response and only lately and that too through a third party making a bare denial of being a party to the conversation leaves us, the rakyat with a sense that Tun Ahmad Fairuz has not responded with complete candour on this matter.

This scandal now casts serious doubts on the suitability of Tun Ahmad Fairuz to head the judiciary as well as on the propriety of the appointments and promotions, made on the recommendation of Tun Ahmad Fairuz, of several judges of the High Courts, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

We, the rakyat, no longer have any confidence whatsoever in the judiciary.

We, the rakyat have noted for some time that some very senior judges have been constantly overlooked in the numerous promotion exercises that have proceeded during the tenure of Tun Ahmad Fairuz, with junior judges being preferred.

We the rakyat have also noted that it was recently reported that Their Royal Highnesses acting through the Conference of Rulers rejected two nominations by Tun Fairuz for the position of President of the Court of Appeal and the Chief Judge of Malaya although these positions had been vacant for a long time. It is rumoured that those nominated by Tun Fairuz were junior in comparison with many other more senior serving judges.

We, the rakyat, have further noted that there is at least one judge promoted to the Federal Court who, it is reported, has failed to deliver written judgments in up to as many as 35 cases, with the result that appeals by many who have been convicted of offences and are in prison are unable to have their appeals heard.

This most recent scandal also raises again real concerns about the sudden change of the trial judge in an ongoing murder trial in Shah Alam.

We, the rakyat, are also gravely concerned about the recent decisions in several high-profile cases and whether these were ‘fixed’ by Tun Ahmad Fairuz and, if so, the implications it has in relation to the other judges of our superior courts.

The reaction of the Prime Minister, other members of his cabinet and the Attorney-General to the matter of this video clip give us, the rakyat, no reason at all to believe that this scandal will be honestly investigated so that the truth of the matter will never be known.

We, the rakyat, do not believe that the Prime Minister and his present government are committed to getting to the bottom of this scandal and, if ascertained to be the truth, to take all necessary steps to restore the judiciary as a constitutional institution emplaced to independently defend the constitution, the rights of the rakyat, and to uphold the rule of law.

In this regard, the announcement on 25/9/2007 by the Deputy Prime Minister of a 3-man panel to be headed by one who was implicated in the sacking of Tun Salleh Abas in 1988 to now investigate this scandal fortifies our belief that the present government is determined that the truth in relation to this scandal never becomes known.

We, the rakyat, are gravely concerned that if this scandal is left to be investigated by the administration of the Prime Minister, the police or the Anti-Corruption Agency, the rakyat will only witness another cover-up, leaving us, the rakyat without any recourse to justice, ever suspicious whether the judiciary is to protect the rakyat or the interests of a chosen few.

This most recent scandal raises concerns whether the corruption that has become so prevalent in the management of this country has now also made its way into the judiciary.

For these many reasons, we, the rakyat, now pray that Your Majesty may be so moved and in the exercise of the full powers conferred on Your Majesty to :-

direct the establishment of a Royal Commission to inquire into, consider and/or determine whether in fact the conversation reflected in the said video clip did occur between VK Lingam and Tun Ahmad Fairuz and the veracity of the assertions made by VK Lingam in the said video clip and, if found to be so, that the Commission be further mandated to enquire into, consider and/or determine:-
1.1 the involvement of all those named in the said video clip in connection with the appointment and promotion of judges;

1.2 cases in which VK Lingam was involved and which were heard and / or decided by Tun Ahmad Fairuz and / or any of the other judges named in the said video clip;

1.3 all acts carried out by Tun Ahmad Fairuz during his tenure as Chief Judge of Malaya, President of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice, more particularly:-

the basis of the appointment and / or promotion of judges by Tun Ahmad Fairuz with particular emphasis on the other judges named in the said video clip;
the manner in which the members of the panels of the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court were selected by Tun Ahmad Fairuz during his tenure as President of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice; and
the manner in which files were allocated to the panels of the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court by Tun Ahmad Fairuz during his tenure as President of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice.
2. the Royal Commission having ascertained that the conversation reflected in the said video did occur between VK Lingam and Tun Ahmad Fairuz and assertions made by VK Lingam in the said video clip to be true, to :-

direct the Prime Minister to take all necessary steps to appoint a tribunal under Article 125 of the Federal Constitution to remove Tun Ahmad Fairuz and/or any and all judges found by the Commission to have been implicated, directly or otherwise by the acts of misconduct of Tun Ahmad Fairuz; and

direct the Prime Minister to take all necessary steps to suspend Tun Ahmad Fairuz and/or any and all judges found by the Commission to have been implicated, directly or otherwise by the acts of misconduct of Tun Ahmad Fairuz, pending the reference to and/or report of the tribunal.

3. direct the immediate establishment of an independent Commission for the appointment and promotion of judges to the High Courts, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

Support The Burmese Rising!

Got this in my mail:

Hello, I thought you should know about this:

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world. For decades the Burmese regime has fought off pressure--imprisoning elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and democracy activists, wiping out thousands of villages, imposing forced labour, creating refugees-

But last Tuesday Buddhist monks and nuns, revered in Burma, began marching and chanting prayers. The protests spread as hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and public figures joined in, finding the hope they’d lost. Now they’re facing crackdown – so please, show your solidarity to this movement towards reconciliation and democracy and sign the emergency petition supporting the Burmese people -- it'll be delivered to United Nations Security Council members and international media all week:

In the past, Burma's military rulers have massacred the demonstrators and crushed democracy. The world must stand with the Burmese people at this time, to show the military rulers that the world will not tolerate repression and violence.

Right now, global leaders are gathering in New York for the annual United Nations summit. In speeches, press interviews but also in real actions, we need them to show Burma's military junta that the global community is willing to act in solidarity with the protesters.

Show your solidarity to this movement for peace and democracy and sign the emergency petition supporting the Burmese people. It'll be delivered to UN Security Council members and the UN press corps all week:

Thank you for your help!

Malaysia-Islam-as-I-say-nation-phobia in Turkey?

You've probably heard it first from Kit, and here's two more related articles from the net:

Which Malaysia is real: Stiglitz’s or Hürriyet’s?

There is a disease that the old Turkish elite and the Turkish media, both of which are plagued by complexes, have been unable to recover from.

Whenever a development occurs in Turkey contrary to their will (even if it is beneficial for the country), they immediately launch a “blackening” campaign. As part of these campaigns, in which a strategy of total psychological warfare is pursued, a country is chosen as a victim at once, without delving into its objective realities. The history, demographics and culture of that country and the characteristics that make it a nation are all pushed aside; and if the development in Turkey being portrayed as negative cannot be curbed, this time they try to portray Turkey’s inevitable future by drawing a parallel between Turkey and that country.
While the “fear of becoming a communist country” hung over the Turks like the sword of Damocles in the Cold War era, it was given a radically religious character after the Iranian revolution of 1979. Without a doubt, this has a history all its own that dates back to the early years of the republic; however, it has become a very common thing in the last 25 to 30 years to make a storm in a teacup over the rhetoric of “Turkey is turning into Iran!” wherever a religious element is seen. But those trying to instill fear into society through the “Iranization” rhetoric turn a blind eye to the fact that Turkey’s cultural, religious, historical and social codes would never allow such a thing. The regime of the mullahs in Iran is nearly 30 years old, but there has not been a single tangible development which would demonstrate that Turkey has been influenced by Iran. This indicates that the fabricated Iranization fears have no connection with reality.

But this deliberately followed fallacy never casts a pall over the old elite or a certain part of the media, nor does it frustrate their determination. This group failed to persuade anyone to believe in the argument of an “Iranizing” Turkey, a theory based on the tiniest religious elements and the fact that individual religious preferences have become more visible in public places as a result of social mobilization -- and this time, without losing any time, they set about looking for a different and more marketable victim. Their new victim these days is Malaysia. According to these people and the media, Turkey is faced with the imminent danger of turning into a new Malaysia.

So which Malaysia?

If we are to buy into the argument put forward by newspapers, particularly Hürriyet, and the television stations of the Doğan Media Group, the headquarters of the psychological war, Malaysia, is a country where religious extremism, Islamic fundamentalism and religious impositions prevail over everything. According to the claim of this group, Turkey, which will become more “Islamized” through “peer pressure,” is rapidly undergoing a “Malaysialization” process. They take this claim a step further and purport that Turkey will become Malaysialized in 10 years, whereas Malaysia will become a new Iran in the same period of time. If we are to trust this claim, it’s incumbent upon us to conclude that Turkey, which hasn’t Iranized in the last 30 years, will indeed Iranize in 20 years time via Malaysialization. What a consistent formula! If only it were only a little pertinent to the facts.

As a matter of fact, neither Turkey nor the Turkish nation has any similarity with Malaysia or Iran except for religion (plus, there is a difference in sect with Iran). Turkey does not resemble them historically, socially or culturally, nor in terms of religious understanding. Moreover, there is nothing negative about coming to resemble the Malaysia I know of, contrary to the fears the media organs in question are trying to spread.

Am I the only person to state this? No. You must have read an article titled “The Malaysian Miracle” on the op-ed page of yesterday’s issue of Today’s Zaman, written by Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist from Columbia University, who served as an advisor to former US President Bill Clinton. It’s completely impossible to find any similarity between the Malaysia as described by Stiglitz and the Malaysia of a certain segment of the Turkish media. To highlight these differences more emphatically, I’ll bring some very striking passages from his article to your attention once more:

“August 31 marked the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s Merdeka: independence after more than 400 years of colonialism. Malaysia’s peaceful, non-violent struggle may not have received the attention that Mahatma Gandhi’s did in India, but what Malaysia has accomplished since then is impressive -- and has much to teach the world, both about economics, and about how to construct a vibrant multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society.

“The numbers themselves say a lot. At independence, Malaysia was one of the poorest countries in the world. Though reliable data are hard to come by, its GDP (in purchasing power parity terms) was comparable to that of Haiti, Honduras, and Egypt, and some 5% below that of Ghana. Today, Malaysia’s income is 7.8 times that of Ghana, more than five times that of Honduras, and more than 2.5 times that of Egypt. In the global growth league tables, Malaysia is in the top tier, along with China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand.

“Moreover, the benefits of the growth have been shared. Hard-core poverty is set to be eliminated by 2010, with the overall poverty rate falling to 2.8 percent. Malaysia has succeeded in markedly reducing the income divides that separated various ethnic groups, not by bringing the top down, but by bringing the bottom up. Part of the country’s success in reducing poverty reflects strong job creation. While unemployment is a problem in most of the world, Malaysia has been importing labor. In the 50 years since independence, 7.24 million jobs have been created, an increase of 261 percent, which would be equivalent to the creation of 105 million jobs in the United States.

“Malaysia’s success thus should be studied both by those looking for economic prosperity and those seeking to understand how our world can live together, not just with toleration, but also with respect, sharing their common humanity and working together to achieve common goals.”

Here are two Malaysias, as explained by Stiglitz and as claimed by the Turkish media. It’s up to you to choose which one to believe.


Turkey suffers from Malaysia 'phobia'
The New Anatolian / Ankara
27 September 2007

When Richard Holbrooke, one of the top diplomats who served as US ambassador to the UN under Bill Clinton administration and chief negator at the Dayton peace agreement, mentioned the recent elections in Turkey and stated, "The West has said what it wants is a moderate form of Islam in the World. Here you have one of the two most democratic states in the Muslim world, the other one being Malaysia," he may not have realized he was unearthing a concern of certain parts in Turkey of becoming an Islamic state.

The concern reached a peak and turned into a `phobia` when Professor Serif Mardin said in an interview that it is not possible to say Turkey won't become Malaysia.

The concern come in the midst of the new Constitution draft debate which is allegedly aimed at lifting the headscarf ban in universities.

President Abdullah Gül, during his first official trip to Northern Cyprus, has answered the questions of those who fear Turkey will become a country like Malaysia: "How could one think like this?" asked Gül, adding: "Turkey is negotiating with the EU for full membership. If there are people who still have worries on the scarf issue, then we should fear those people instead."

But his statement did not ease the tension.

There are three recent serials in Turkish press displaying totally different faces of Malaysia. Hurriyet newspaper's Malaysia is dangerous while Sabah newspaper eases the concern by showing the pictures of girls wearing headscarves next to woman wearing a miniskirt. Meanwhile, the title of the Milliyet's serial is both far and close. On the other hand, columnists expressed differing views. Malaysian academicians and intellectuals are interviewed in an effort to learn the mistakes of Malaysia in line with the growing concern among the public becoming another Malaysia down the road of an Islamic state.

Majority of average Turkish people have little information about Malaysia. Different aspects of the country and differing views cause a confusion about the facts of Malaysia and Turkish people question the reliability of information provided by different sources revealing differing information.

Hurriyet's headline was based on the quote Malik Imtiaz a Malaysian lawyer as saying that `I would not imagine the current position of Malaysia a decade ago. I have told Turkish intellectuals three years ago that Turkey is becoming Islamist. Their response was that Turkey has safety valves, but the results of July 22 elections revealed that I was right."

Three pictures at the front page of Hurriyet accompanied the serial were about headscarf and displaying girls and boys at the Islam university having separate areas for recreation.

On the other hand, Milliyet's Malaysia is both far and close and underlined similarities of escalating political Islam between two countries but also mentions differences about the facts of two countries.
Meanwhile Sabah newspaper mentions that there are woman wearing headscarf but there are also those wearing miniskirts.

Actually, this is not the first time when Malaysia and Turkey were compared with each other. Previously two political leaders of Muslim countries who come to the fore from the 1980s stand out: the late Turkish President Turgut Ozal and Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed.

The two had stood out both for their character and their political vision. Neither used power for amassing personal fortune or paving the path of relatives and cronies with gold. Both managed not to become the subject of a cult of personality, a disease that has destroyed many Muslim leaders.

At the same time they were arguably the only senior Muslim politicians to rise above the day-to-day management of affairs and to develop a strategic political vision.

Not surprisingly, Turkey and Malaysia are, perhaps, the only Muslim states today that could be regarded as relatively successful in both economic and political terms. Many see them as the only "Islamic" models worth looking at.

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The Putrajaya 'Who's Your Daddy's Son' Joke

Came across this from Expedited:

Pak Lah was so disappointed with his cabinet for being inefficient and corrupt that he decided to call on Lee Hsien Loong and ask him how he managed to have such an efficient and incorruptible cabinet.On hearing Pak Lah's woes, PM Lee said, "Simple, Pak Lah, I choose able men for my cabinet." Pak Lah asked, "Yes, but how do you know that they are able?"
PM Lee replied, "Just ask them simple questions to test their intelligence, don't need to be too difficult. Let me illustrate to you."

Just then, Tony Tan was walking by, PM Lee called out to him, "Hey Tony, come over here." Tony obediently walked briskly over. PM Lee asked, "Tell me, Tony, who is your father's son ?" Tony Tan immediately replied, "Me! Of course."

PM Lee turned to Pak Lah and said, "See, all my ministers can answer this question. Why don't you go back and try."

Pak Lah thank PM Lee and left. Once he was back, he immediately summoned Najib, his deputy, and shot the question at him, "Tell me, Najib, who is your father's son ?" Najib was shocked beyond words and did not know the answer. After a while, he recovered and said, "Boss, let me find out and I'll tell you tomorrow."

Pak Lah, a bit disappointed, agreed, hoping that Najib will give a good answer tomorrow. Meanwhile, Najib was panicking that his boss was testing him. He tried desperately to find out the answer from his staff, but none of them knew the answer.

The next morning, he decided to call George Bush for help. Surely the most powerful person in the world must know the answer. When Bush picked up the phone, Najib said, "Hello, Bush, can I ask you a question?" Bush, very busy, replied, "Alright, but it better be good ! Najib quickly asked, "Tell me, Bush, who is your father's son ?" Bush was fuming, "Of course it's me, you stupid !" and he slammed the phone down.

Satisfied that he's got the answer, he confidently walked into Pak Lah's office and said, "Boss, I've got the answer to your question." Pak Lah, happy that his deputy wasn't that dumb, said, "So tell me quick, who is your fathers son, Najib ? Najib confidently replied, "It's George Bush !
Pak Lah slapped his own forehead in disgust and said, "No you stupid, it's TONY TAN !"

Zimbabwe's 51% Indegenious Equity Ruling: Sound Familiar?

Sounds familiar?


Yup. We are just like long-lost twins. His mansion is also from our timber. I'm just not too sure about the 3,700% inflation rate though. You tell me.

Flash from November 2006:

Puteri are not greedy. They only want 60%:

[Source: theSun]

Budak hingusan wants it 70% (guess this is not reported in the English MSM):

[Source: Utusan Malaysia]

Gone 100% come 2020?

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Latest Single: "It Isn't Me" by Phairooz, Remixed and Remastered by DJ Ling.ham

Back in March we have this hottest single in town:

Now back by popular demand, resung by Phairooz, remixed and remastered by DJ Ling.ham and featuring MC Nazi "I'm his Minister" Biatch.

"It Isn't Me"
(feat. MC Nazi)

(Yo', man) Yo'
(Open up, man) What do you want, man?
(The blog just caught me) You let him catch you?
(I don't know how I let this happen) With who?
(With Ling.ham the fixer, you know) Man
(I don't know what to do) Say it wasn't you

Blog came in and he caught me red-handed
Creeping with the macha
Picture this, we were both butt naked
Bangin' on the court floor

How could I forget that I had
Given him an extra call
All this time he was standing there
He never took his voice off me

How you can grant the macha access to your court
Trespasser and a witness while you cling to your pillow
You better watch your back before he turn into a killer
Best for you and the situation not to call the beaner
To be a true player you have to know how to play
If he say you're not, convince him say a day
Never admit to a word when blog say makes a claim
And you tell him baby no way

Remix: Ha ha ha. Ah yes.Correct,correct,correct,correct,correct,correct. Right, right, right, correct. Ah right susah.

But he caught me on the line (It wasn't me)
Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me)
He even caught me on blog (It wasn't me)

He saw the marks on my shoulder (It wasn't me)
Heard the words that I told her (It wasn't me)
Heard the scream get louder (It wasn't me)
He stayed until it was over

AhnHuar came in and he caught me red-handed
Creeping with the macha
Picture this, we were both butt naked
Bangin' on the court floor

I had tried to keep him
From what he was about to see
Why should he believe me
When I told him it was rumours

Make sure he knows it's not you and lead her on da right prefix
Whenever you should see him make da giggolo flex
As funny as it be by you, it not that complex
Seein is believin so you better change your specs
You know he not gonna be worrying bout things from the past
Hardly recollecting and then she'll go to noontime mass
Wait for your answer: go over there
But if he pack a C4 you know you better run fast

Remix: Ha ha ha. Ah yes.Correct,correct,correct,correct,correct,correct. Right, right, right, correct. Ah right susah.

But he caught me on the line (It wasn't me)
Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me)
He even caught me on blog (It wasn't me)

He saw the marks on my shoulder (It wasn't me)
Heard the words that I told him (It wasn't me)
Heard the scream get louder (It wasn't me)
He stayed until it was over

AhnHuar came in and he caught me red-handed
Creeping with the macha
Picture this, we were both butt naked
Bangin' on the court floor

How could I forget that I had
Given him an extra call
All this time he was standing there
He never took his voice off me

Gonna tell all that I don't know
For the rumours that I've caused
I've been listenin to your blogs
It makes no sense at all
I should tell all that I'm not sorry
For the pain that I've caused
You all may think that you're a player
But you're completely lost
That's why I sing

AhnHuar came in and he caught me red-handed
Creeping with the macha
Picture this, we were both butt naked
Bangin' on the court floor

How could I forget that I had
Given him an extra call
All this time he was standing there
He never took his voice off me

Myanmar, Thailand, The Philippines Have All Done It, Why Can't and Why Not Malaysia?

Myanmar is doing it now...

So did Thailand...

and the Philippines...

[Story and pictures from here]

Why not us?

Tomorrow is the day. Although not to oust The Sleepy Head lar. But you get the drift?

From here...

To here...

[Pic source]

To get a feel of the march, here's the route...

Hopefully it will look something like this. (Notice the attire)

[Pic Source]

For the context, The People's Parliament wrote:

Latest update from Bar Councillor

DPM has apparently announced the establishment of a panel to investigate the authenticity of the clip. This does not change anything about the walk. We are still proceeding to walk because the issues we are advocating are not limited to the recording alone but with much larger issues as described above.


Latest update courtesy of whatalulu

Youth 4 Change is organising a bus from PJ

9.00am Berkumpul di depan Pejabat Suaram
1.00pm Bertolak balik ke Petaling Jaya

Tempat Berhimpun:
Di depan pejabat SUARAM (433A, Jalan 5/46, Taman Gasing Indah, 46000 Petaling Jaya). *BUS akan disediakan* di hadapan stesen minyak Petronas. Bagi orang yang datang dengan komuter, sila turun di stesen Petaling. Bagi mereka yang memandu, sila letakkan kereta kamu di sekitar pejabat SUARAM


I had announced earlier that the 5 buses hired to ferry marchers to Putrajaya would take off from the Bar secretariat.

I have been informed now that these buses will in fact take off from Dataran Merdeka. If you were intending to join the march and were hoping to hop onto one of the buses, please note this change and that it will be on a first come-first served basis.

Also note that the buses are scheduled to take off at 9.00 a.m.

We are hoping to be assembled at the steps leading up to the Palace of Justice by 10.30 a.m. and the march to start by 11.00 a.m.

Please try to be there on time if you are finding your own way there.

Non-lawyers who are attending, you need not be in black-and-whites. In fact, could I suggest that those who are attending the march and who have indicated they will support the petition to the Agung that will soon be launched on this blog wear yellow as a sign of support for our monarch.

I will be driving to the Palace of Justice and will also be taking off from Dataran Merdeka. Have room for another 3 in the car. E-mail me at if you wan to hitch a ride.

Again, first come-first served.

See you all at the Palace of Justice.

Also from Rocky's Bru.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Barisan Najis Pictures Presents "Lust, Caution" feat. DAP

Apologies to mob1900 for stepping into his niche. :P

"How Low Can You Go" (pun not intended)

Makes it a real-life story even though the Venice-winning film was filmed in Malaysia.


Click on image to read full story.

Hmm...the main lead shares the same English name as one of DAP's. Some say they share the same good looks also. :P

Read another low-low story revelation by the above-mentioned man. ;-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just Before You Call It A Weekend...

What some of our ministers would have answered in their exams...

Saturday, September 22, 2007 Car Sticker Spotted!

At a you-know-where place:

Photo has been modified to protect the innocent. No, that's not my car.

Prince Pete, I want one!

Good, Let's All Focus in Nabbing Nurin's Killer and Forget About CJ-gate, Shall We?

Our own version of McCann-media-circus. Let's have Richard Branson contributing to the bounty also, shall we?

Yes, let's have a few more days of front page orgies, shall we?

With all due respect to Nurin's family
, here's the sentiment that I'm feeling now - best put in words by this letter by Alex Tan to Malaysiakini:

Media diverting attention
Alex Tan Ken Seng
Sep 21, 07 3:33pm

I refer to the letter The Chief (In)Justice. Well written, Fahri Azzat! In the mainstream newspapers however, the Lingam tape expose only appears on page six or eight without the name of the ‘prominent lawyer’ and judge being mentioned.

The top news instead in the Star (and probably every other paper) is of the death and recovery of the body of the girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. As usual, scandal and tragedy gets front-page attention. Why? Because Malaysians are still interested in horror, major crime and human interest stories.

But I'd like to draw the attention to my fellow citizens of the ‘problems’ with the Nurin news coverage :

(i) murders and kidnappings happen regularly. Don't be fooled into thinking that there aren't other victims, just because you haven't heard of them. With all due respect to Nurin's family, the mainstream media would rather concentrate on children. Imagine if our newspapers were to highlight sodomy of ‘fresh’ inmates by the older convicts at the Sungai Buloh prison. Would anyone really care?

(ii) by portraying the killer as a sadist and the cruellest possible beast, our politicians know that the ‘rakyat’ will channel all our anger and hate onto the perpetrator. With our energy spent, hopefully we'll forget the transgressions of our equally evil (in different ways, of course) ministers, top businessmen, policemen, Rela personnel, judges, etc.

(iii) once Nurul's killer is caught, he'll be convicted and punished to the full extent of the law. We'll all go home happy. But does not mean the world would be a safer place then? No! At the risk of sounding like an expert, I dare say that the increase in pathology and crime in Malaysia (as well as the rest of the world) is because life doesn't make much sense anymore.

And I say life makes no sense because rather than concentrating on the important things in life like family and the environment, our powerful politicians would rather do what politicians do all the time. For example:

* argue and whine like small kids against their detractors, whether in Parliament or outside;

* make corrupt money on the side, as much and as fast as possible, no matter the cost to others;

* make decisions affecting the lives of thousands and millions without using their intelligence (if there was much in their brain in the first place); and

* attending high society functions and bragging about it when the children of the common people have to skip school to sell curry-puffs and ‘kuih’, not knowing where their future lies.

‘He who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind’.

Ah, I Finally Got The 'Darndest Things'

Have you bought and read it yet?

Sent to...


Dedicated to...

Only at RM 20 each. Should be in the bookstores now, for RM 10 extra.

Amir, I lurve the paper.'s very good! Yes, 'You tak suka, keluar Malaysia' is in there. Even the F*CK word is in there.

Will review in full details soon. Watch this space.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Public Service Announcement: 28 Sept-International Right to Know Day

Got this in my mail:

A reminder from Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) about an important day- 28th September is the International Right to Know Day. The aim of the Right to Know Day is to raise awareness of every individual of their right of access to public information: the right to know how elected officials are exercising power and how taxpayers' money is being spent.

We hope that you will participate in this global event to raise awareness among your audience, by giving the occasion a noticeable visibility. Suggestions for topics you can bring up in your blog on 28th September-

1. Freedom of Information Act vs. Official Secrets Act. - There are now 69 nations which legally allow access to classified information. The latest entry into the league is China, who agreed to pass a law partly modeled after the FOIA. More info about FOIA in

2. Media freedom issue- media blackout, media bias etc - they essentially mean that the reader does not have free and fair access to information. The Terengganu shooting is an example.

For your information, CIJ will be leafleting with other NGOs, such as the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA, Empower, BERSIH on 28th September at Masjid Jamek and Putrajaya.

Rocky's Bru Faces Fresh NaSTy Allegations - For 'Interference of Justice'

You think it's over? Not yet.


Blogger faces contempt proceedings

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, and three others, have applied to the High Court for leave to initiate committal proceedings against blogger Ahirudin Attan.

They claimed Ahirudin had allegedly committed contempt of court, as he had breached an undertaking that he had given to the court on Jan 29.

NSTP and Ahiruddin had, on that date, agreed not to publish any articles, comments or posts, regarding the present dispute which may be regarded as sub-judice.

The ex-parte notice of originating motion, filed by NSTP, stated that Ahirudin had published six new articles between May 18 and July 8, which were considered sub-judice.

It also stated that Ahirudin had maintained a hyperlink to a blog Walk With Us which also contained sub-judice articles.

NSTP's counsel, Rishwant Singh, submitted that the new articles and hyperlink were in breach of Ahirudin's undertaking not to publish further articles.

"These six articles clearly repeat the matters that are in dispute in the claim," he said.

Rishwant also submitted that the publication of words in the article or in the hyperlink weblog amounted to an interference of justice by Ahirudin.

On the hyperlink, the counsel said it should be considered as an equal publication under the law.

Judge Datuk Mohd Hishammudin Mohd Yunus fixed Oct 19 to deliver his decision.

If the application is granted, then committal proceedings would commence against Ahirudin.

The NSTP, its deputy chairman, chief executive officer and Brendan Pereira filed the suit in January, among others, requiring Ahirudin to remove certain articles from his blog and restraining him from publishing more articles defamatory of the plaintiffs.

The suit, filed on Jan 4, is in relation to certain articles and posts published, or permitted to be published, by Ahirudin on his weblog.

It is part of the plaintiffs' case that these articles refer to them and are defamatory.

And the Malay version in its sister paper with all the blog post names given:

Keputusan prosiding NSTP 19 Oktober

KUALA LUMPUR: Mahkamah Tinggi menetapkan 19 Oktober ini bagi keputusan permohonan The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP) dan tiga pegawai kanannya untuk kebenaran meneruskan prosiding menghina mahkamah terhadap penulis laman blog, Ahirudin Attan kerana masih menyiarkan enam artikel di laman blognya yang didakwa mempunyai unsur fitnah.

Hakim Datuk Mohd Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus menetapkan tarikh itu selepas mendengar hujah peguam Rishwant Singh yang mewakili NSTP.

Dalam permohonan sebelah pihak itu, Rishwant berkata, artikel terbaru itu adalah satu pelanggaran aku janji Ahirudin untuk tidak menyiarkan mana-mana artikel yang boleh menyebabkan subjudis terhadap kes saman mereka.

Pada 29 Januari lalu, NSTP dan Ahirudin bersetuju untuk tidak menyiarkan sebarang artikel atau komen berhubung pertelingkahan antara mereka yang boleh dianggap subjudis.

Notis saman pemula yang difailkan NSTP menyatakan Ahirudin menyiarkan enam artikel baru antara 18 Mei dan 8 Julai lalu yang bersifat subjudis.

Artikel itu bertajuk: ‘Wrong info on Kalimullah’, ‘Syed Ahmad Idid on corruption’, ‘Samy does a Brendan Pereira', ‘Kalimullah admit it was incorrect’, ‘Hisham’s K&M’ and ‘Datuk Seri who'.

Pada 4 Januari lalu, NSTP; Timbalan Pengerusinya, Datuk Seri Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan; Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar dan bekas Pengarang Kumpulan New Straits Times (NST), Brendan John a/l John Pereira memfailkan saman terhadap Ahirudin.

Mereka menamakan Ahiruddin, 46, sebagai defendan kerana didakwa memfitnah mereka dalam 48 artikel yang disiarkan dalam laman blognya.

Ini adalah kes pertama penulis laman blog di internet diambil tindakan saman oleh sebuah syarikat penerbitan akhbar di negara ini.

"Shower Kids with Love and Care"

"Shower Kids with Love and Care"


I dunno. Maybe to justify something like these?

'Kerajaan Tiga Beranak' as termed by Sang Kelembai.

[Source: Zunar of Kinicartoons]

Natty has some advice for the pseudo-First Lady:

Sebenarnya tidak sukar Datin Seri, hanya perlu nasihatkan suami supaya arahkan polis tangkap penjenayah, jangan buang masa ikut orang macam saya.

After Investment Scams and Blogs, Now They Want to Censor Torrents?

Dude, where's our Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantee?


Pirated copies and original copies. Are they any different? Just ask a major recording company's el-cheapo so-called 'Malaysia Edition' CDs.

"You Supported Me, I Support You Back"

News from Manila:

Malaysia's opposition leader seeks release of Estrada
Associated Press
Last updated 06:29pm (Mla time) 09/20/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Thursday sought the release of deposed president Joseph Estrada, who was sentenced to life in prison for plunder, calling him a "true friend."

The former Malaysian deputy prime minister had a close relationship with Estrada while the two were in power. Anwar himself was fired nine years ago and subsequently arrested and convicted of abuse of power and sodomy.

He was freed in 2004 when Malaysia's highest court overturned the sodomy conviction, and is considered one of Malaysia's most charismatic opposition politicians.

Addressing a Manila conference on Asian democracy, Anwar mentioned his gratitude to Estrada, who he said "has remained a true friend."

"I may be touching a raw nerve but please bear with me when I say that I do wish and pray that he will one day be really free," he said.

Anwar's comments came at a time of intense speculation over a possible presidential pardon for Estrada, who despite his ouster in a 2001 "people power" revolt, remains a figurehead patriarch of the opposition.

Estrada was convicted by the anti-graft court last week after a landmark six-year trial on charges that he took bribes and kickbacks while in office.

On Tuesday, he publicly stated for the first time he was open to a possible pardon from his political nemesis, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Arroyo, however, has not indicated if she would be prepared to offer such a deal.

Estrada has denied the charges and accused Arroyo of masterminding his removal in a conspiracy with leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and senior military officers.

Anwar praised the Philippines' record in the struggle for freedom and democracy, but said Estrada's conviction, while touted by some as a victory against corruption, has raised doubts over the independence of the courts.

In 1999, relations between the Philippines and Malaysia soured after Estrada openly expressed support for Anwar after he was fired by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Estrada also ruffled feathers when he met with Anwar's wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, Politics 101 writes:

If you’ve seen Malaysia’s Funniest Home Video, you cannot ignore the fact that it was Mahathir Mohammad who was the root of all evil.

He and members of his regime should be brought to trial like Joseph Ejercito Estrada. What the hell, dreams are free.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

S.C.A.N.D.A.L -gates MY Web 2.0



[Pic by Agenda Daily]





Semua boleh lah! Kau tim lah!

Howsy Visits The Ramadan Bazaar (2nd Time) and Bought Like There's No Tomorrow!!

This is the bazaar...

First to start off - otak-otak...

Just look at the flesh...

Taufoofah (soft bean curd) as desert...

...with gula melaka as the syrup...

Kuih-muih...tiga seringgit (three for one ringgit)...

Beef Murtabak with syrup-pickled onions and curry gravy...

Look at the obscene...

Hmmmm...beef rendang... be eaten with lemang...

Prefer Rendang Tok from Perak though...

Eat it with your hands lar!

Here, I throw in more food pictures...Ma Lat (Spicy) Pan Mee

Hmmmm....Pannnn Meeeee....

Ohhhhh...the food...who says Malaysia is so bad to live in?