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DAP Made BN's Budget 2008 Looked Like A Plagiarised Material?

"Together", "Sharing", "Nation building", "Tolerance"...yawn!!!

Download the full speech here.

DAP made the BN government's Budget 2008 looked like a plagiarized material - albeit without much effort - at exactly half of pages the former has to offer. Or is there some 'mou gaan dou' (infernal affairs) going on the 4th floor? Some of the 'similar' points:


Supporting Lifelong Learning

72. Whether one likes it or otherwise, adult workers today have to keep pace with a constantly changing economy to meet globalised challenges. Lower-skilled workers are especially vulnerable to becoming displaced if they do not upgrade and pick up new skills, not just once but continuously. No matter what useful skills or knowledge we acquire in school and at the tertiary level, they will become less relevant over time.

73. The Government will increase its support for lifelong learning to all Malaysians. We have at this moment the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) managed by the Ministry of Human Resource. The current system which we have is employer-centric i.e., all training initiatives is led by the employers. In the event an employer does not proactively seek training opportunities for the employees, the latter will lack the means to pursue training.

74. Hence, the DAP will propose that individuals will be able to apply for subsidised places at accredited training institutions directly. As a result, each Malaysian will hence be able to manage their learning experience in accordance to their own preferences. In addition, the direct application system will reduce the abuse of the current system by employers and training providers by short-changing employees with poor quality training programmes.


Life Long-Learning

64. I have always emphasised the need to continuously value add ourselves. To promote a culture of life-long learning among Malaysians, the Government proposes tax relief of up to RM5,000 on education fees be extended to all post graduate studies.


Maintaining Islamic Finance Leadership

89. As highlighted in the previous years' budget, Malaysia has progressed significantly in the development of Islamic financial services, especially in terms of the size of investments and an increase in the number of institutions. Malaysia was the first to issue a global sukuk in 2002, as well as the first country where supranationals have issued ringgit-denominated Islamic bonds, namely the International Finance Corporation with an issuance of RM500 million and the World Bank, RM2 billion. In 2006, Malaysia was the largest issuer of Islamic bonds in the
global capital market, accounting for USD30 billion, which is more than 70% of the overall global issuance of USD41 billion.

90 - 95....


Positioning Malaysia as International Islamic Financial Centre

31. In line with the objective of Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC), the Government will introduce several measures, as follows:
First: Islamic fund management companies will be allowed to be wholly owned by foreigners;
Second: A sum of RM7 billion fund will be channelled by EPF to be managed by Islamic fund management companies;
Third: Islamic fund management companies will be allowed to invest all their assets abroad; and
Fourth: Fund management companies will be given income tax exemption on all fees received in respect of Islamic fund management activities, until year of assessment 2016.


Here's something which best describes this:

29. To encourage the development of the fund management industry, the following measures will be implemented:
First: Foreign ownership on fund management companies and REITs management companies will be allowed up to 70%. The minimum Bumiputera ownership requirement will remain at 30%; and

with this:

Brilliant poster from mob1900.

Don't give a f*ck about Bedol and Budget 2008? Here's a baby picture for you. Awww....Ain't he cute...

The future Japan Emperor - Prince Hisahito.

So, did he fall asleep har?

Oh, Parti KeADILan Rakyat also has their own version of their Malaysian Economic Agenda. Check it out more from Bobjots.

The 'devil you know' vs. 'the devil you don't know'. Make up your mind this coming November.

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