Sunday, September 02, 2007

Is This Guy For Real?

Is this guy for real?


"I am a PM for all Malaysians", "All Malaysians are equal", "I am not a one-term PM", bla...bla...bla...

No bias? Just ask Tony Yew and his wife, Audra. Haris Ibrahim has this to write:

Why does a woman lose her job if she has a third child?

What does a woman who conceives a third time have to do to keep her job, when her contract of employment stipulates that she must quit or be sacked if she gets pregnant a third time?

Spare the job and ’spoil’ the child?

Abort the child so that the employer will abort the dismissal?

I understand that previously, the contract of employment stipulated that the employee had to resign or face being sacked if she got pregnant!

Yes, with the very first pregnancy, you’re liable to be sacked!

Who is the sicko who inserted this clause in the contract of employment?

Does he or she have a family of their own? Kids of their own?

Former MAS Chief Stewardess Audra Denise Atkinson, the better half of ‘Big Guy’ Tony Yew, found herself in this predicament.

She faithfully and dutifully served MAS for 14 years.

She was with child a third time.

Abortion was simply not an option.

She was fired.

She has taken her dismissal to the Industrial Court, Kuala Lumpur.

Hearing starts on 5th September, 2007.

You can read more about this at Tony’s blog.

Audra is not just fighting her own cause.

She is championing the right of every woman to have children and yet keep her job and her independence.

If you think that Audra has been wronged, show up at the Industrial Court, Kuala Lumpur to lend her your support.

Audra and Tony, I will walk with you.

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