Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Malaysia's Broadband Plans Earn Praise? Hear The Other Side of the Story...

Wah! Angmoh praise Malaysia's TMNut Screamyx har?


To quote:


Formerly chief of policy with the US Federal Communications Commission, he said that not many other countries have had the foresight to put broadband adoption at the top of their priorities list.

"It is (also) rare for such an initiative to be spearheaded by a senior government official, like the Prime Minister or President of a country," Pepper said.

He didn't quite know about cybertroopers, did he?

Here's the other side of the story, by Bernice Low of CNet Asia in this article titled "Why Malaysia needs a Tech Czar". Some excerpts:

Let's take the issue of broadband, which is probably the only aspect of the tech-related provisions that has a specific plan of action. For yonks, agitation for better broadband has been on the agenda of local tech users and probably is an issue for SMEs and companies reliant on the Internet to conduct business. Frequently the issue is not access, but QoS (Quality of Service) and cost. When a company that relies on the Internet to conduct business can’t get a decent reliable 1Mbps line and has to pay through its nose for a stable 10Mbps line, there is a problem in this country.

Does the 2008 Budget actually address any of these concerns? In my un-humble, decidedly obnoxious opinion, NO. The Government tosses out what is not even a morsel, but a crumb at best, and expects us to be grateful that it is TRYING because that's what the raft of these measures amount to. TRYING (in more ways than one). And frankly, in the interest of the tech industry and businesses using technology to conduct their business, TRYING is simply not good enough.

Is your Screamyx okay lately? ;-)

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