Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Myanmar, Thailand, The Philippines Have All Done It, Why Can't and Why Not Malaysia?

Myanmar is doing it now...

So did Thailand...

and the Philippines...

[Story and pictures from here]

Why not us?

Tomorrow is the day. Although not to oust The Sleepy Head lar. But you get the drift?

From here...

To here...

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To get a feel of the march, here's the route...

Hopefully it will look something like this. (Notice the attire)

[Pic Source]

For the context, The People's Parliament wrote:

Latest update from Bar Councillor

DPM has apparently announced the establishment of a panel to investigate the authenticity of the clip. This does not change anything about the walk. We are still proceeding to walk because the issues we are advocating are not limited to the recording alone but with much larger issues as described above.


Latest update courtesy of whatalulu

Youth 4 Change is organising a bus from PJ

9.00am Berkumpul di depan Pejabat Suaram
1.00pm Bertolak balik ke Petaling Jaya

Tempat Berhimpun:
Di depan pejabat SUARAM (433A, Jalan 5/46, Taman Gasing Indah, 46000 Petaling Jaya). *BUS akan disediakan* di hadapan stesen minyak Petronas. Bagi orang yang datang dengan komuter, sila turun di stesen Petaling. Bagi mereka yang memandu, sila letakkan kereta kamu di sekitar pejabat SUARAM



I had announced earlier that the 5 buses hired to ferry marchers to Putrajaya would take off from the Bar secretariat.

I have been informed now that these buses will in fact take off from Dataran Merdeka. If you were intending to join the march and were hoping to hop onto one of the buses, please note this change and that it will be on a first come-first served basis.

Also note that the buses are scheduled to take off at 9.00 a.m.

We are hoping to be assembled at the steps leading up to the Palace of Justice by 10.30 a.m. and the march to start by 11.00 a.m.

Please try to be there on time if you are finding your own way there.

Non-lawyers who are attending, you need not be in black-and-whites. In fact, could I suggest that those who are attending the march and who have indicated they will support the petition to the Agung that will soon be launched on this blog wear yellow as a sign of support for our monarch.

I will be driving to the Palace of Justice and will also be taking off from Dataran Merdeka. Have room for another 3 in the car. E-mail me at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com if you wan to hitch a ride.

Again, first come-first served.

See you all at the Palace of Justice.

Also from Rocky's Bru.

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