Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Same MSM Frontpages But Different Scoop...

Fit drivers...


But unhealthy medium...


We have listened to loads of lies and spins from M@ChAuH@i's mouthpiece, so let us hear the scoop from the supposedly DAP and PKR's mouthpiece, shall we? Here are some tips how to make quick bucks, if you have the right connections, and only if you're Ali and Baba.

By its own projections, Supremme Systems Sdn Bhd – the company awarded the concession by the Transport Ministry – will make RM92 million over 15 years.

But those in the know argue that this figure is grossly under-estimated, claiming that RM400 million would be a more accurate number, based on 800,000 drivers.

However, working on 1.2 million drivers – the company’s projection – the figure would cross the RM500 million mark.

What makes this venture stink of another money-making scheme involving a chosen few, is that Supremme Systems will not conduct the tests. Instead, it will be carried out by a panel of doctors selected by the company, who will be paid less than half the proposed RM85 fee – RM30; with RM20 going for laboratory tests.

The remainder – about RM35 – will go to the company.

"They are getting paid for doing nothing. Any monitoring must be conducted by the RTD," said one doctor, adding that fees can be kept low if such middlemen were eliminated.

"It seems that the main agenda here is to make money and not to have more competent drivers on our roads,’’ said the doctor.

Yeh, yeh, you may say 'what's new'. It's the same as these reports, year in, year out:

All the reports from 1999 could be downloaded here.

Explain the irregularities, eh, Najib?


Why not start with your own ministry first?

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