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Can Someone Tell Me Exactly The Time of the Bolehnaut Launch?

Well, if you really care.

I was just checking out moments ago the exact time of the launch (which will be live-telecasted on Astro's Angkasa1 Channel 588 - which isn't even mentioned on their website, and the Saluran Propanganda Anda - also not mentioned anywhere on their website) and you won't believe how long it took me. Well, the No. 1 skeptic and critic of the gomen also put a banner on his website, so kasi muka and kasi can sikit lar...

First of all, of course, without any doubt, one would visit the official website And this is what you will see:

There's the countdown there and the Astro Channel 588 thingy but I want to know the EXACT time! Yes, you could do the maths and work it out but I'm no rocket scientist nor mathemagician.

So, decided to check out their blog instead to find any 'I'm soooo excited blasting off to space at so-and-so time' or similar type of postings. But zilch. He did a tribute to the rest of the crew though and the commenters were all swooning over his photo in a spacesuit. For example:

Saya begitu kagum apbl tgk Dr. pakai baju angkasawan..

I wonder if someone would end up posting something like this:

Saya begitu kagum apbl tgk Dr. pakai baju angkasawan...lagi kagum apbl tgk. Dr. tidak ada dalam apa-apa baju...

:P. OK, jokes aside. Continuing my quest of searching the EXACT time, the next stop would naturally be NASA's website. Nope, still failed to get the EXACT time again but got this instead:

Accompanying Expedition 16 is Malaysian spaceflight participant Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, who will return to Earth on Oct. 21 with Yurchikhin and Kotov. Anderson will remain on the station with Expedition 16 until his replacement, Flight Engineer Dan Tani, arrives on Discovery later in October.

Yup, the 'spaceflight participant' thingy. Doc Mave asked: "Certified Not or Qualified Naut?" He said:

TheStar reported that they are Certified as Cosmonauts.

Was there any document issued by the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos) that certify them?

Or, Certified means mere acceptance or acknowledgment?

Which reminds me on a post by Sean "Astrocannot is also Cosmocannot," where he told us that ROSCOSMOS ALSO labeled the doctor-cum-model as a 'Flight Participant'

Wait a minute. Don't detract from the main point. What the bloody hell is the EXACT time of launch? Here's the most info that they could afford:

Here's the launch vehicle, Soyuz-FG...

And the SpaceCraft, Soyuz-TM (11F732, Soyuz-TMA)...

Remember those info, kids. You'll never know you'll be asked that in your Sejarah/Geografi/Pengajian Malaysia exam papers...

But still, where the bloody hell is the EXACT time? I enquired the English MSM and they looked back puzzled to me : "Is there going to be a space launch?"

Ah, I GAVE UP*!!!

Nevertheless, I wish the Bolehnaut all the best on Wednesday...

Poster by mob1900.

And you'll finally see a similar front page like this on our MSM on Thursday, Oct 11, 2007.

Wah! Paris and Brokeback also wanna interviewed by my paper! Fast food also going to advertise on my front page! Wohoo!!! (Click on image for larger view)

* Actually I was just messing around with you. :P The date and time could be found on the Angkasawan website carrying the news by Bernama. Nope, I won't tell you the EXACT time. Go check it out yourself (I'm donating some traffic to their website lar, kasi muka and kasi can sikit lar...). This post is meant to show that even an unsignificant and negligible blog like this could offer more information than the OFFICIAL website. And this unsignificant and negligible blogger will be at a spanking new place at BB during that time...;-)

This post was inspired by Helen's post.

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