Saturday, October 20, 2007


Off again. This time to the other side of the Atlantic - the New England.

This ought to be my last post in 2007...while I'm still in Malaysia lar! Will be back again end of next year, mayhaps.

4Fs aside (Family, Friends, Food and Fun in the sun), I will definitely be missing all the SoPo blog buzz in Malaysia, like getting arrested and spending 4 days in detention the Mammoth Mass Meeting March at Merdeka (Square) - MMMMM this Nov 10th, for instance. I hope they will fare. Well.

The other major event is none other than the GE, which I won't be able to vote (for the second time already!). Don't even try with postal voter registration...I mean, the red tape, the phantom transfer of votes...anything could go wrong! I hope the Opposition could really fare this time. Well. We might even see some of our Yang Berblog really becoming into Yang Berhormats- Yang Berhormats this time!

Well, I guess that's it then. I'll be in a hiatus until I get internet connection in Taikoland. C ya!

Oh, Sweeftee is a gorgeous guy. Sweeftee is a handsome guy. Sweeftee is a brilliant guy. Sweeftee makes good films. But Sweeftee sometimes tries to hard to get people read him. Now, give me the prize, will ya? (You might have to fork out extra postage) :P

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