Thursday, October 04, 2007

OKT: "Chinese Population Dwindling, ALL Chinese Should Support MCA"

Isn't this quite similar to Dr. Ng Seng's 'Bersatulah Kaum Cina'?


To quote:

By giving their full support to MCA, the Chinese would give the party more effective representation in the ruling coalition, he said.

Guess you know how 'effective' the representation is in a 92% majority.

Let me pose this question : Why should I vote for a communal party who only knows how to suck their political masters' balls and trying very hard to maintain whatever remnants of the gravy train that they could lick, when I can vote for an alternative party who could not just protect my interest, by others as well; no matter how small their population is?

But the questions again is, is there such an alternative party? ;-)

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