Saturday, October 20, 2007

Want To Try Something Different Besides Bean Sprouts & Chicken in Ipoh? How About Brewster's?

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Tired of your regular dose of bean sprouts and chicken kuewtiau everytime you're in Ipoh? Why not try some Western food?

Wasn't quite a fan of Western food whenever I'm in Malaysia (must cherish local food mar!), but since my schoolmates gave me a lavish farewell gift (why farewell? Details later...), they also wanted something in a return and managed to gasak me for a treat last weekend at this place.

Brewster's at Brewster Road or now known as Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.

Apparently, this place was just open for a week and many would have probably missed this place while paying more attention to this historic FMS Bar or while taking a sharp corner turn.

FMS Bar.

Well, it is basically just beside the NUBE Ipoh Branch. Nope, there's no protest on that day.

Notice the sharp photo angle? If I go further, I'll probably be knocked down by incoming traffic taking that sharp turn.

Situated in the nostalgic Old Town of Ipoh (famous for its White Coffee), is it just at the corner opposite of Padang Ipoh (famous for its Rojak).

Ipoh Padang.

And here's the interior of the restaurant.

If there's a large crowd, you'll probably have to combine a few tables.

It has a jazz theme interior design...

Now, what about the food? Well, to be frank, the menu is simple enough - it has just four pages. It has basic Western starters/appetizers like soups and fries, mains like lamb, ribs, steak, fish and chips, pasta and deserts like cakes. (Duh!). Sorta like Chili's (and with the price comparable), except that it doesn't have the free-flow thingy.

Well, what did we order?

Ribs with a dash of Oriental vege.

Lamb chop with honey mustard sauce.

Me English mates, I present you the Malaysian Fish and chips.

Wanted to this a pass as the menu mentioned two main propaganda English dailies (it was meant to give a nostalgic English feeling to this dish with the paper wrappings in the old times). A bit tad tasteless without the malt vinegar, the obligatory condiment in the authentic English F&C, together with salt. (when I requested for one, they gave me a puzzled look).

Malt vinegar. You can't go without it!

And with some lemon cheesecake to end...on the house.

Generally, the servings are generous and the price is above average for Ipoh's standards (should be like kacang putih for KL-ites).

And here are the details of Brewster's:

And presenting the beautiful owner, Anne Dass:

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