Saturday, October 20, 2007

We May Have Space Pahwerr, But We Still Have Ministers Whose Brains Are Empty Like Space (e.g. that JJ Guy)

Space pahwerrr is a term sarcastically coined by Azmi Sharom in his column last Thursday. He wrote that we should cheer and beat our chests that we have space power, albeit with a space in our brains.

Speaking of Azmi, there's the other Azmi, Azmi Khalid, the Natural Resources and Environment Minister, who labeled a RM3.4 million tour jetty complex at Sungai Pinang in Jelutong as the 'joke blunder of the century' as the river is already too polluted as a tourism product.


As if this joke blunder is not enough, we now have the racist space minister and with the brain as empty as space, he spoke on how new jetty complex would result in better ferry services and prevent untoward incidents, like the one in Tioman recently.


To quote:

“The present number of ferry services is not enough to cope with the high number of tourists going to the island. This can lead to overloading of the ferries.

Child got murdered. Blame the parents. Bags got snatched. Blame the bag carriers. So, what's new?

As a matter of fact, I got this pointer from a letter to Malaysiakini by Norman Fernandez (who is also a blogger).

Dumb and dumber over ferry inferno
Norman Fernandez
Oct 19, 07 7:56pm

Recently, former Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew called the Burmese generals dumb. Could the dumber ones be here? According to Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, there is an urgent need for a new jetty at Tioman Island which according to him would result in better services and prevent untoward incident.

Perhaps the minister would like to be informed that people had died from a ferry tragedy and not from a collapsed jetty. As of yesterday, the death count from the Tioman Island ferry tragedy is six and one passenger is still listed as missing.

At this stage, what is important is for the government and relevant authorities to first slap criminal charges on the ferry operator for their omissions (at the same time check on the others) and haul up all those who had shirked from their responsibility in ensuring that the ferries plying Tioman island are not only seaworthy but importantly has all the necessary licences and has complied with all relevant requirement.

What matters most and importantly now is to ensure safe and seaworthy ferries, and not the construction of a new jetty.

So, yes, "We May Have Space Pahwerr, But We Still Have Ministers Whose Brains Are Empty Like Space."

Or maybe not. Construction = Commission = Gravy Train = Masuk Poket Sendiri. ;-)

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