Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bersih Rally: Will The Actual Head Count Please Stand Up?

Let's look at the news reports.

First of all, we have MCA Lapdog Paper, PravdaStar:

Fuck off lah! Do they know how to count or not? Stick back to licking your Blue Nazi bosses' balls lah! Or at least stick back to lying about your Ng 'I have an Aussie PR' Yen Yen line dance number.

Then, we have MKini giving a bold number without a range.

Spanking new BBC Malaysia correspondence, Robin Brant, quoted the Police:

With the emphasis on the tear gas and Anwar (the Americans love him, don't you know?), the CNN put two figures:

And no, I don't have CNN on my cable TV.

Reuters put it as an Anwar rally. (Huh?)

And from around the world.

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