Saturday, November 10, 2007

Go Go Yellow Power! Remember, Remember, The 10th of November!

Although I can't be there, here's my dedication - all away from The Land of the Free.

Not quite Namewee yet but yes, I'm wearing yellow. Sort of.

In just less than 5 hours away (Malaysian time), history will be created.

The yellow-skinned casts of The Simpsons would very much loved to be there too. Minus the torches, please.

Somebody told me that Bedol bears uncanny resemblance with Mr. Burns.

To adapt a quote from the Bar Council during the Justice Walk,

People do not march everyday and would not like to sacrifice and risk their precious Saturday afternoon. Something must be very rotten in this current country's administration.

From 'I'm your greatest servant' to 'Don't challenge me'. Do you still want this kind of PM/administration?

It figures.

This post has been expedited to Malaysian time. All posts now will US time-dated.

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