Thursday, November 29, 2007

HINDRAF Protests: Responses from Indian Nationals

Readerspeak: Malaysia not 'truly Asia'!
28 Nov 2007, 1338 hrs IST

Jim, India, says: There's nothing 'truly Asia' about Malaysia . It is racist nation that is fast moving in the path of fundamentalism. The dismay of ethnic Indians is fully justified. It's about time the world in general and India in particular took notice.

Rajiv Modi, Bhopal, says: It was an untold story for a very long time. The least Indians can do is to stop visiting Malaysia as tourist to register our protest for the Malayasians of Indian origin .

Sharana Basappa, Bangalor
e, says: I express my support to the cause of the protest. Discrimination was there for decades and no one tried to bring it on the world stage to solve. I agree change may not take place overnight, but if the peaceful protest and awareness continued for substantial time will bring the results. I support the cause & wish the best will happen. Keep going.

Megh, Melbourne, says: It's rather unfortunate that Indians face racism across the globe, be it UK, Australia or Malaysia. The only recourse to fight such a prejudice is the Government of India should take firm steps to threaten with economic and political sanctions against such nations, like what the NDA had done by banning Palm oil imports from Malaysia, to actually dissuade government policies of discrimination against ethnic Indians.

Arun Malvani, Mumbai, says: Indian government should support the Indians of Malaysia. The Philippines government always stands up for their nationals when they are in trouble in other countries. Why is the Indian government indifferent? Do not encourage Indians to go there as tourists or do business with Malaysia. Wake up India. Do not be fooled by all the tricks of these South East Asian countries---ASEAN. Why do you think so many Indians living in all these countries are trying to migrate to Australia --- there is a good reason behind it. Do not depend on all these countries as they are sly.

Iqbal Merchant, Dubai
, says: This is very similar to the situation that Muslims face in India. There is discrimination all around - jobs, housing, society, etc. To the extent that Hindus do not want any reservation to be given for economically backward Muslims.

M Sharma, US
, says: Good job protesters! I think it is time Indian community and Hindus all over the world rise - with assertiveness - for equality. India and Hindus have always respected all communities. Any discrimination against them anywhere in the world must not be tolerated.

AK, Australia, says: The truth is out for Malaysia which has bluffed the whole world by calling itself a secular democracy. The reality is that no Muslim nation truly believes in equality of all its citizens irrespective of religion.

Oh, yes. The tourism campaign is very hot there. Some Indian nationals even mentioned "Oh, Malaysia Truly Asia" when I said that I'm from Malaysia. Should I tell them the truth?

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