Friday, November 23, 2007

Malaysiakini on CNN

For their 8th Anniversary.

Read the full article here.

There's an error in the article though (CNN's fault).

CNN: What is

GAN: The reason we set up Malaysiakini is because of the fact that we have tight control of the media in Malaysia. And we saw an opportunity here because of ... a loophole within the system.

We disagree with him [Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi] on a lot of issues, but on the issue of freedom of the Internet, we should give him some credit. He promised not to censor the Internet. He realized that in order to set up the multimedia corridor here ... he would have to offer, among other things, not just tax breaks but the fact that he would not censor the Internet. So, we decided to see whether he would stick to his promise.

It was M who promised not to censor the internet.

And of note, the first paragraph opens with:

Inside a nondescript building in the gritty Bangsar district of south Kuala Lumpur rests (Malay for "Malaysia Now"), a newspaper covering Malaysia that exists solely in cyberspace.

8 long years. Perhaps it's time to get your own tower or complex? The carbon monoxide from the downstairs bus company, garage and the nearby RapidKL buses terminal ain't too good for the employees' health, eh? *hint*hint* LT. :P

And perhaps make it free? So that Now Everybody Can Read™...:)

p.s. Can you believe that I'm not a subscriber? Yes, I'm that kiamsiap (stingy). :P

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