Monday, November 12, 2007

Malaysians, We Do Not Live In A Bubble!

How selfish and thoughtless some people could be.

Read LT's rebuttal letter to Mr/Mrs/Ms. I-Live-in-a-Bubble.

From the air we breathe (the haze, remember?), the water we drink (who could forget the shitty water?), the food we eat (price hike/inflation etc.) to the way we think, it's all about politics and it's hard not be apolitical. Unless you're an imbecile or you live in a bubble.

I would like to add that when our resources run dry (and swindled by the Blue Nazi), they will pack their bags and leave us alone (oh yes, they ALL have properties overseas). Oh, let me tell you then that your five-figure salary and cosy premium bungalow wouldn't mean a thing then. You want example? Look at Zimbabwe's 4000% inflation rate. Yes, that figure is not cooked up, unlike some Pravdas.

If this is not the time to make the change, when then? Walking the rally is one. Voting in the elections is one. Provided that the elections is CLEAN (that's the whole point of the rally, you idiots!). Bitching about it in the Pravda is not.

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