Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Oh, You're From Malaysia, So You Own Half of Foxwoods?"

Yet another perception comment I got from the Americans. The most positive one I got, nevertheless.

I had no idea what Foxwoods is, so I just smiled at that person.

And then he asked me for the second time,

"Do you have any idea what Foxwoods is? It's the largest casino in the world and a Malaysian gave money to build it."

Oh, really? I thought the spanking new one in Macau (which Kenny was bitching about it the whole time) was the largest. And a Malaysian?

Oh, it's Uncle Lim. The Native Americans even flew half-away the globe and paid last respects to him also, by the way.

And no, I didn't mention that he just passed away and how all the so-called Islamic state leaders all sucked up to him (lucrative lobby income source, you see?)

Yay! Malaysians do not live on trees and are rich/not-so-third-world after all*!!!

*Terms and conditions apply. Although gambling is proudly endorsed by the so-called Islamic state leaders, please bring along your marriage certificate to avoid necessary and unnecessary arrests.

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